Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saturday Steals

This Saturday, my mom and I went to two garage sales and a large children's consignment sale.  There wasn't much that Lucia NEEDS right now, but if the price was right, there were a few things I had been wanting to get her and it's always nice to stock up on clothes for the future.  (If you notice, I also bought some items that are too small for Lucia to fit into or are clearly for baby boys.  No, I don't have any big announcements, but I can't pass up a great price on items we will [hopefully] need someday for a future son.)
I've been meaning to write a post about how (and where) to by used baby items to offer some of my tips and trick.  But I can't pass up the opportunity to say that garage sales tend to have the cheapest prices and consignment sales tend to have some of the priciest, so you have to look really well to find some truly great finds at consignment sales.  Many consignment sales run for several days and on the last day, many of the items are at a steep discount.  At the sale we went to, sellers could mark whether they wanted their items to go for 50% off on Saturday, so many of the items weren't that great of a deal before, but they were awesome prices at half off.

I love reading posts of bloggers' thrift store savings (read any of Katie of NFP and Me's "thriftaholic" posts and you'll be addicted too!), so I thought I would share (just a few of) of my favorite Saturday finds:

Blue velvet holiday dress
Luli & Me
Originally $120
Paid $1.50

Dress and long sleeved onesie (new with tags)
Originally $44
Paid $7

Quilted overalls and long sleeve onesie
Janie and Jack
Originally (approx.) $70+
Paid $4

Winnie the Pooh sleeper
Originally  (approx) $15+
Paid $.25

Four pairs of brand new tights
Gymboree and The Children's Place/Baby Place
Originally $35
Paid $4

Five pairs baby boots & shoes
Various brands including Gymboree, Baby Gap and Carter's
Originally (approx.) $80+
Paid $6.75

Baby boy's nautical shoes (new with tags)
Originally $10
Paid  $2.50

Pumpkin costume
First Moments
Originally (approx.) $20+
Paid $1.50

Flower costume
Princess Paradise
Originally $30
Paid $3

Ladybug costume
Originally $20
Paid $2.50

Monkey chair
 Originally (apprx.) $15+
Paid $2

 Ten Counter Bead Maze
Originally $40
Paid $5

Rock and Trot Rocking Horse
Melissa and Doug
Originally $120
Paid $7

Little Tykes
Originally $50
Paid $2

 Total original prices $669+
Total paid $49
Savings $620+

Um, yeah, I think we had a GOOD day.  Keep in mind, this was less than half of what we got.  We spent about $110 total and came home with a ton more clothes (included much needed pajamas), some puzzles and toys, books, and a few other brand new items we plan to give as gifts.  Of course, I never would have spent full price on any of these items, so we didn't really "save" $620, but it's nice to see a price comparison anyway.  I was especially excited about the rocking horse.  I had been planning to get Lucia a rocking horse for Christmas, but was looking at ones for about $40.  I never imagined we would be able to get her such a nice one (and it makes trotting noises!).  The little monkey chair was perfect too!  The last few times we've taken her for her monthly portraits, she's absolutely loved sitting in the toddler size chair and I'd been thinking she needed her own.  She loves it!

Have you had any good garage sale/thrift store/consignment sale finds recently?  If so, I'd love to hear about them!  Leave a comment and let the world know what a thrifty shopper you are!  (Tips welcome too, I have great garage sale skills but I'm lacking in the thrift store department).

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  1. Girl you know I love this!! A Melissa and Doug rocking horse for $7? What a freaking steal!

  2. i love finding a good deal! i've found that i can find some pretty good deals at consignment sales if i go early. my favorite finds from this past weekend were a snowsuit for $4, a heavy osh kosh winter coat (new approx. $48) for $8.50. i was also able to find 4 long sleeved onsies + 5 winter jammies - mostly carter's and circo - to fill out a winter wardrobe for baby #2 for $11.50!! i love the fact that i can get everything i need in one stop which large consignment sales allow you to do.
    also, last weekend i found a kids art easel for $15 (new it sells for $132) and about 20-25 matchbox cars + large matchbox car storage truck for $3. i was pretty psyched about those finds, too. christmas has basically been taken care of!

  3. Great prices, and so cute! I have been able to refrain from buying baby girl clothes, but I occasionally buy boy items that are already too small for our youngest. A few weeks ago I found some really neat old books at Salvation Army and posted about it here: I tend to buy clothes at garage sales because they are cheaper and usually higher quality than the thrift stores around here.

  4. Wow I cannot believe those deals! I am extremely impressed with the rocking horse, and I love all those cute costumes. I guess you will be set for Halloween :)

  5. I know...she only needs one costume, but my mom and I couldn't help ourselves...for that price, I just ad to get them all!

  6. I agree, the best clothes Lucia has (including some very pricey designer brands) usually come from garage sales. Last summer when I was pregnant my mom got tons of baby clothes and my entire maternity wardrobe from garage sales!

  7. Consignment sales are nice because it's all in one place, but they are also so hectic! Some people really overprice their items too, so I have to search for some great ones, but finding just a few great deals is SO worth it!

  8. I know! I didn't even realize it was Melissa and Doug until I looked it up after we got home! Even better deal than I thought!

  9. Looooove the monkey chair and that Winnie the Pooh sleeper is super cute too!

  10. Wow you saved a TON!! I am shocked and very impressed!! The gymboree tights are especially awesome! Thanks so much for linking up your spectacular blog!

  11. Wow. fantastic deals you got here! Nice work!

  12. KTB @ Really ReynoldsSeptember 24, 2012 at 3:20 PM

    Holy fantastic deals Batman! I am impressed! Can you do the same with big people clothes? If so, we need to go shopping together.

  13. I can't ever seem to find the same deals for my clothes (although my mom did find ALL my maternity clothes as garage sales), but Katie of NFP and me does wonders. Check out her "Thriftaholic" posts:

  14. I'm always amazed by the BRAND NEW items I get great deals on!

  15. Thanks, Kelley! Lucia's new favorite thing is kissing her monkey chair!

  16. You did so well!! Those are great finds--way better than mine (since yours are all kid themed and most of mine were furniture--boring!)
    congrats :-)

  17. Thanks, Kaylene, but I really did love your furniture finds! I can't wait until I can find great furniture and redo it for my home!


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