Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ten Minute Tuesday: Moving Back Home

Rachel, who blogs at Testosterhome, initiated a little thing called "Ten Minute Tuesday" last week.  I came across it a little to late to participate last week, but it seems like the perfect addition to my blog.  Here's how it works.  You look at the clock, you write for ten minutes, then you stop.  Simple, huh?  

We have been living with my parents since we moved back to Colorado.  I get a lot of questions about how it's going and I think people expect that we don't like it.  It's true that we are living here out of necessity, but for the most part, I enjoy it.  When I was a child, we lived in the same neighborhood as my grandparents and I loved it!  But it wasn't enough for me, I wanted my grandparents to live with us.  I read about cultures in which it was traditional for several generations to live in the same home and it sounded amazing!  I still love the idea of children living in the same home as their grandparents and I am so happy we are able to provide this for Lucia, even if it is only for a short while.  When my parents come home, they are overjoyed that they are able to play with their granddaughter (Lucia seems to like it too!).  Most nights, David and I are able to cook together (something we loved to do when we were first married) while my parents play with the baby.  Obviously, we are very grateful to be rent-free while David continues to look for a job.  

Is it always easy?  No!  My parents are respectful of our privacy, but living in close quarters with anyone has it's challenges.  For us, one of the biggest downsides is the limits on entertaining.  It's just not possible to have friends over whenever we want, to plan dinner parties or large get-togethers while living with others.  Another downside: we can't make the house "our own".  We are lucky in that we have a room for us, a room for Lucia's nursery, and a jack-and-jill bathroom that connect the two (so we can move between them without having to step out in the hallway).  But those are the only spaces that are "ours" to decorate and organize as we wish.  My parents have been very generous in allowing us to paint our rooms and decorate them as we like, even though we may only be here temporarily (David helped my dad paint Lucia's room and we have yet to do ours).  Stil, we have boxes of pictures and decor in the basement that I look forward to putting up in our own home someday. 

There are other benefits I am enjoying associated with "being home", however many of these don't have to do specifically with living in my parents' house, just with being in my old hometown.  Most of my friends still live here or have moved back to the area after having adventured out of state.  I'm so happy to know I won't get lost when driving around town - I know all the side streets and the back ways which is a relief after needing the GPS for every trip the past two years.  There are little things I missed as well - getting my hair cut by the same person my mom and I have gone to since I was in high school, listening to my favorite local radio stations and djs, knowing where to go for the best _________ food (Mexican, Italian, vegetarian, you fill in the blank).  Since I didn't know my husband until college, I enjoy driving around town with him and telling him memories about each place we pass.  These are memories I look forward to sharing with Lucia as well. 

Have you ever moved back home with your parents?  What did/didn't you like about it?  

Have you ever moved back to your hometown?  What did you enjoy about being back?  What do you miss about your hometown?


  1. As much as I complain about living at home there are times it doesn't bother me. I think if we could afford a 3-4 bedroom house I really wouldn't mind. It's def. got it's pros and cons. The massive clutter though is really getting to me which is caused by someones "room" having to be the living room :(

  2. Funny you would ask? My husband and our three children {3 year, old 2, year old and 9month} moved to Texas and in with my parents for a few months {or more} until our house in Ohio sells. My husband is a pilot and left me and the kids alone for weeks at a time. After years of looking for work near my family we finally transplanted everyone into a house where some of my brothers and still sisters live in. I hope my house sells quick so I can buy a new home near them and so that My children and I dont have to share the bathroom with all of them. My parents pray the rosary every night and its helping me to establish that as My own family Habit Also my husband still leaves on a long trip and I am no longer alone anymore which is amazing. I know what your going through and the thought that its temporary is comforting and helps you to relax a little, especially knowing you have an exciting future ahead of you.


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