Friday, October 26, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Take 72)

--- 1 ---

Today is the last day of the first quarter.  I survived my first quarter as a teacher.  Well, almost.  Grades for specials teachers are due tomorrow, so we'll see if I make it through that.

--- 2 ---

It snowed last night.  And it was frigid today.  I like looking at snow, but otherwise, I really hate winter weather. There was no real winter weather last year in North Carolina so it's been a while since I had to deal with this.  Ugh.

--- 3 ---

Lucia went to sleep last night without crying or nursing. This is huge!  Usually she either nurses to sleep or screams for a few minutes while being patted to sleep.  She's also gotten better at sleeping through the night since we instituted a "no nursing during the night" policy.

--- 4 ---

My husband wrote a post this week.  This week, as part of the Wedded Bliss Wednesday linkup, the husbands had to answer a few questions about their ladies and he did a great job. 

--- 5 ---

I wrote a guest post earlier this week for Fine Linen and Purple about professional dressI also linked up to Fine Linen and Purple's new What I Wore Sunday linkup to show off my church attire.  I have the same picture in both posts.  I figured I would just point that out before someone else did, but hey, I wear the same clothes to Mass that I wear to work (and on Fridays, I go to Mass while at work!). 

--- 6 ---

We voted on Tuesday.  It was the first time I've ever "early voted" and it was the first time David has ever actually voted in person (he's always done mail-in).  It was awesome: no line to speak of and we got "I voted" stickers. 

--- 7 ---

Lulu even got one:

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  1. Is the "no nursing at night rule" due to her age at this point? I'm hoping to go to early voting this Saturday. Happy Friday!

  2. I totally used the same picture for my post too, no shame. thanks for linking up with us and thanks for your AWESOME guest post! Seriously, I agreed with absolutely everything you said. Yay for early voting. I didn't really feel like trying to navigate my way to where I'm supposed to vote (because it'll be the only year I'm in this city) so I just got an absentee ballot.

  3. Well, she slept through the night from 6 weeks to 6 months, so we know she's capable of it. We talked it over with her pediatrician and he thought that if we stopped night feedings, she would sleep through the night. She was getting up about 4 times at night, but now she's only getting up once or not at all! Her pediatrician said if someone offered him ice cream every time he woke up, he would wake up a lot too - so no more "ice cream"!


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