Sunday, October 28, 2012

#Happy1stBdayBaby: Making Babies Book and DVD Set

The Making Babies book and DVD series are must haves, not just for pregnant mamas, but for any woman that is looking for help living a healthy and natural lifestyle.  In fact, I think the name is misleading - this is not your average fertility, pregnancy, or childbirth guide.  Both the DVDs and the books are chock-full of recipes for healthy meals and natural remedies ranging from granola to a ginger tincture to diaper rash cream to homemade toothpaste.  These would be useful in any household, regardless of the age of your little one (or if you have a little one at all!)

Of course, there are some pregnancy specific tips, including excercises for pregnancy and advice for surviving morning sickness.  The last section of the book has a "pregnancy" journal where you can record some of the most important memories of your pregnancy and birth.  The DVD series is wonderful for a first time mom who is seeking a natural pregnancy and childbirth; it follows Making Babies author Shoshanna Easling through her pregnancy and gives you a good idea of what to expect. 

I received a copy of this set a few months ago, when Lucia was already seven months old, and it has been an invaluable resource.  Since I got married two years ago, I've becoming increasingly more natural and have often sought out recipes online for natural household, health, and beauty products.  That said, nothing made me change my lifestyle more than learning that I was pregnant.  While I would have loved to have had this set as a resource during my pregnancy, I still get much use out of it now and look forward to having it for the next baby.

I can't talk about this series without mentioning my absolute favorite part of the book: the gorgeous photography.  The pictures of the recipes will make your mouth water; the pictures of pregnancy and motherhood are a beautiful tribute to motherhood. 

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  1. I'd love to win this for future baby making help :).

  2. I'm interested on the natural tips for morning sickness!

  3. We're beginning to think about having a second baby, and I'm interested in all things natural :)

  4. Definitely planning a natural birth, so I'd love to win this and watch it before Baby Boy makes his arrival!

  5. This would be a great thing to have since we're having trouble getting pregnant and would like to do anything we can to help naturally.

  6. Would love to learn some of the recipes for making healthy meals and household items from scratch!


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