Monday, February 25, 2013

1 bracelet-1 child-1 week of food (& a giveaway)

Have you heard of Give Jewelry?  
The concept is simple.

Give Jewelry sells beautiful bracelets...

...handcrafted by Bali artisans...

...that feed orphans in Bali.

For every bracelet you purchase, one child is fed for an entire week.
(You can read more about the story behind Give here.)

Give Jewelry is going to be our go-to women's gift source for the future.  Not only are you giving the recipient a lovely piece of jewelry, you are also donating a week's worth of food to an orphan in their name.  In addition the pieces are affordable (starting around $10 and going up to $70+ for silver bracelets), fashionable, and unique.  The items in the online shop are constantly changing and since they are handmade, they are one of a kind and high quality.  Here's a peek at the items I chose:

(the leather bracelet is from Give)

I've been wanting a few great stackable bracelets and these perfectly fit the bill!  The quality is phenomenal, especially for the price.  Can you believe these bracelets together were under $40 including shipping?  And that money is going to feed orphans?  It's almost to good to be true.

Please visit Give Jewelry, check out the lovely bracelets, and read about the kids and the mission.  Then order some beautiful new jewelry and feed some orphans!  My favorite "product" is the bracelet of the month club

In order to spread the word about Give and their mission, they are hosting a giveaway on Messy Wife, Blessed Life.  Entered to win a $40 credit to give jewelry on the PromoSimple below.


  1. wow i really love this idea...sharing!!!

  2. What a great way to spread this wonderful cause! And the bracelets look beautiful!

  3. I love the Charm Bracelet - Yellow :

  4. I love the color and design of this bracelet


    Love the cuff bracelet with mother of pearl and shell in the middle


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