Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lovely: A Lilla Rose Review

Most days, I don't do anything with my hair.  Horrible, I know.  But I'm not a morning person and by the time I get out of the shower, I'm lucky if I have the time to blow dry my hair.  But recently, I've been getting tons of compliments on my hair.

I'm not spending more time on it, I've simply found a secret weapon: the Lilla Rose Flexi clips.
What are Flexi clips? They are hair clips that work in every type of hair - thin or thick, straight or curly, long or short, and everything in-between. You can use them to put your hair half-up, in a ponytail or an updo.  Seriously!  The clip is made of music wire, which "flexes" around your hair; the slide pin keeps it in place.  There are several different sizes to work with different hair types and to create different styles.  
Here are a few examples of styles I'm able to do in seconds (and without any extra hair accessories):
half French braid with a small clip

half up with a mini clip (I have thin hair)

ponytail with a small clip
My favorite thing about these clips?  I can throw them in my purse when I'm running late and do my hair in seconds when I get a chance!  Some other benefits of the Flexi clips:
  • They are sold by independent consultants.  I've mentioned this previously on my blog but I love the personal service that independent consultants provide!  
  • Lilla Rose will exchange items for free for 90 days, and guarantees them against defects for a whole year.
  • Come in a plethora of different designs and colors including flowers, crosses, Celtic knots, and more!
  • They are comfortable!  Seriously!  Some hair clips dig into my head after a while and end up being taken off long before the day is done. I've never had this problem with my Flexis.
  • They keep my hair in place ALL DAY. 
  • They are an amazing price!  These versatile, long-lasting clips start at only $14.
  • They are very easy to use.  They might look complicated (at least I thought so) but they really are intuitive.
  • They would be so easy to use with a little girl too!
In case you don't believe how easy it is, here's a quick video that shows how quick and easy it is to put one in:

Lilla Rose also offers a variety of other hair products, including hair bands and darling bobby pins.  You have to check them out at my Lilla Rose website! And if you want to see some pictures of hair inspiration with Lilla Rose products, you have to see the "Style Book" album on her Facebook page. 

Independent Consultant Anjanette Barr is sponsoring a giveaway for any Lilla Rose product (up to $16 value).  Click here to go to the giveaway entry page.
I received Flexi clips to facilitate this review.  I was not required to write a positive review.  Opinions are 100% my own.  See Disclosure Policy


  1. I love these! I have thick hair and sometimes it's hard to find clips that will work in them. I'd use them as an alternate to tie it back or put it half up and half down.

  2. This would so be my new go-to to replace ponytail holders. I'd tie it back for work especially, and experiment with updos and half-updos the rest of the time!

  3. I'd use the clip to do the half up/half down thing!

  4. So do these in some way support pro-life (from the name Lilla Rose)? Or am I mistaking that for something else?

  5. I LOVE the pony tail one! That's probably the way I'd use it most!

  6. I'd use the pony tail one the most. That is my go-to style.

  7. You are thinking of Lila Rose (one L in the middle) - who is a young woman prominent in the pro-life movement. She's lovely, but not affiliated. :) Lilla and Rose are the middle names of the founders daughters.

  8. Love flexi's!!! I would to like to wear mine half up or in a gibson tuck!

  9. I've become addicted to these beautiful clips in the last year. So many pretty styles to choose. My favorite way to use them is with my hair twisted up in the back after doing a topsy tail.

  10. I can vouch for Melanie. She is addicted. :) But, so am I. Who wouldn't be? These products take my boring pony tail and turn it into a hairstyle!

  11. Seems like a cute way to do the "half back" look

  12. I would either use it for a ponytail or twisted up in the back

  13. ponytail with a small clip

  14. I would use this for a pony tail in my daughter's hair.


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