Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February Sponsor Spotlight

I'd love for you to meet February's sponsors.  Because this is the month of LOVE, I've added a little note at the bottom of each spotlight (in red) saying why I love these blogs and businesses.

Meet Jessica.
Wife to Steve. Mother to Stephen & Paul.  
Devout Catholic. Former teacher. Book lover.

I am a stay-at-home mom to two boys (2 years old and 8 months old) who wanted to help provide for my family. As a former elementary teacher and lifelong book lover, Usborne Books & More is the perfect fit. Our books are high-quality, exciting, engaging, and the books kids love to read! I'd love to help you expand your child's library or join the Usborne family!

I love the quality of Usborne books!  And as a Spanish teacher, I love that they have interesting Spanish titles (not just translations of English favorites).  Definitely my new favorite go-to gift source for the kids in our life.

facebook | shop

Meet EpicLinen.
Cozy home. Invaluable linen beauty. Inspired by simple designs. Delicacy of cuisine. In love with Provence.

Online Linen Boutique provides the finest linen production manufactured in Europe. EpicLinen adores vintage, shabby chic and rustic country charm. All EpicLinen’s production is dedicated to create cozy home and wellbeing of the family!

I never realized how much I loved linen until I checked out this shop!  A few linen pieces are an essential for adding just a bit of class and luxury to any household - napkins, a tablecloth, sheets, and adorable baby booties!

Meet Liz.
Wife. Mother. Crafter. Wanna be chef. Former teacher.

I'm a cradle Catholic who enjoys blogging about my life as a wife and mother. 
When I'm not blogging, you can find me barefoot wandering around the beach.

Tales from Astoria is just so comfortable, it's like reading a note from your best friend.  A current must-read is her Lenten Meal Plan Monday linkup with ideas for those meatless Friday meals.

Meet Kinsi.
Clearly Catholic. Professional homemaker. Military spouse.
Infrequent freelance writer. Hula hoop prodigy.

Anima Kinsi is the place where we can be pals.  You'll find a weekly Marian link-up, weekly recipes, and weekly fashion posts.  I'm not trying to move any mountains; just being me.  I'm a milspouse who'd rather not talk about being a milspouse.  Four hometowns in three years of marriage: we'll leave it at that.  In the words of the Anima Christi, "Ne permittas me separari a te."

Kinsi posts three things that I love: fashion posts, recipes, and reflections on the Virgin Mary.  And she's super sweet besides.  What's not to love?

Polyvore | blog 

Meet Kelley.
Vocational wife. Professional nurse.  
Temporary student. Amateur writer/photographer/chef.

We've had an exciting marriage so far living in 4 different states and 2 countries since our wedding day.  You can read more about our adventures at home and on the road plus book and movie reviews, recipes, and a hodge-podge of other faith-based thoughts.

Kelley has so many amazing stories from living (and traveling) throughout the world.  I always feel on the edge of my seat waiting to hear about her next adventure.  And I totally trust her opinions on books. 

Meet Amanda.
 Daughter of God. Passionate Catholic. Youth Minister. 

I’m passionate about the Catholic faith, ministry to teens, young adults and women in particular, finding God everywhere, and blogging/writing.  On a day off, chances are that you can find me somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, soaking in God’s created world, or plotting my next road trip to see yet another cathedral.  My blog is about all of my passions and reminding people that we are all worthy of God’s unconditional (Agape) love!

Amanda and I share a love of the Rocky Mountains and our home state of Colorado.   Her positive attitude and love of God are infectious and every single one of her blog posts leaves me with something deeper to ponder.

Meet Lilla Rose consultant Anjanette Barr.
Beautiful, Comfortable, Unique Hair Jewelry.

Lilla Rose sells hair accessories for all types and lengths of hair. The most popular item is the patented Flexi Clip, which is made from music wire and other quality materials to comfortably hold your beautiful hair all day.

Having recently had the chance to review Flexi clips, I adore them!  I wear a Flexi clip at least three days a week and feel that my hair looks different and adorable each time.  I'm saving up for a Lilla Rose hair accessories collection!

Won't you go say hi to these lovely ladies and find your own reasons to love them?

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