Thursday, October 10, 2013

Why We Plan to Homeschool


I'm guest posting today at Raising the Barrs as part of Anjanette's "Why We Homeschool" series:

My daughter just turned 21 months, so why are we already thinking about school?  Coming from an education background (I have a teaching license and spent last year as a K-8 Spanish teacher), you might say education is always at the back of my mind; but also, I’m not at all alone in this.  Lucia will be old enough for most preschool programs next year and, turning two in December, could probably start mid-year in some.  Many parents with children Lucia’s age already have them on waiting lists or pre-registered for preschool.  Kindergarten starts at 5, but I don’t know any families who didn’t put their children in preschool before then.  I have to make concrete decisions about my child’s education soon...continue reading at Raising the Barrs.
This piece was so fun to write as I worked through my thoughts on schooling and our desires for our child(ren)'s education.  When did you first decide what educational route you were going to take with your children?

While at Anjanette's, I do hope you'll stay a while and poke around.  She's a great writer and has some really great posts about natural living and parenting. 

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  1. Thanks so much for your guest post! Loved reading your thoughts!


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