Wednesday, February 26, 2014

When you realize your underwear is on inside out at 2pm

A while back, I asked readers to throw out some post titles for me.  This was one of those titles.  I'm thinking I'll have to ask again in a bit because truly, it's pretty fun to write a post based on a random title (and sometimes also enlightening as one of my most popular posts ever, about the serious topic of nursing in church, came out of this exercise as well).  So if you do have a post title idea for me, feel free to leave it for me in the comments now and I shall do a more formal "call out" soon.  

Let's just say I have some experience with wearing my underwear inside out.  I'm going to guess that it probably happens to me much more often than the average joe.  I blame this on being the absolute opposite of a morning person.  If I have to get up before my biological clock wakes me up, wardrobe malfunctions are the least of my worries.  

I have been incredibly blessed (believe me, I do not take this for granted) with a child that regularly sleeps later than me.  I usually get up between 8 and 9.  She usually does not stir before 9 and it's not unusual for her to be still sleeping at 10.  So my mornings are fairly leisurely.  I get up, go downstairs and check my email, browse facebook, write a post or two.  Maybe I'll read or watch the news.  Sometimes I make breakfast or a cup of hot chocolate.  Morning time is my "me-time".

I have grand plans of this morning time becoming work out time or clean the house time, but that will have to wait until I'm fully recovered, and then I still doubt it will happen.  I need a bit of time to wake up slowly, so jumping out of bed and switching on "let's do this" seems like a laughable impossibility.  It seems that Lucia has inherited this from me, because if she's awoken before she's ready or is forced to do something right away before having her slow "wake up time" (and she often needs a full hour), she breaks down in inconsolable crying (which often lasts a full hour). 

So you can see just how jarring it is to me to have to wake up with an alarm clock.  And then wake up Lucia.  And get both of us ready and out the door.  So finding my underwear inside out later in the day is no biggie. In fact, it's often cause for relief.  Because without a fail, something is going to go wrong and if it's inside out underwear then it's probably not an inside out shirt or dress (it's happened, and yes, it's super embarrassing) and I probably didn't forget to put diapers in the diaper bag.

When you realize your underwear is on inside out at 2pm...
  • Remember it could be much, much worse.
  • Don't bother trying to turn it right side out. Just don't. Especially not in a public restroom.
  • Just laugh. (Although probably not out loud in a public restroom either.)

You can blame Jen for this post.


  1. This post! Just the sweetest! And I love how you pulled it from such a random title!

  2. So NOT a morning person either!

  3. I went all day today with my nursing bra inside out..... And nursed about 8 times. I got pretty good at putting that hook on inside out :)

  4. Love it! Not a morning person here either. I'm sure I've put my underwear on inside out and NOT realized it. I've also done the inside out and also backwards shirts. Not like any mama has time to actually fix their underwear... =)

  5. "Remember it could be worse" yes yes and yes ;)

  6. This is too funny, Mandi. Love it. I've always been somewhat of a morning person, but the girls waking up at 5am makes me not like the mornings so much ;)


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