Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Two Month Old

My baby girl is two months old today!  It's hard to believe that she's the same little girl she was at one month, much less at birth.  This month has been full of new experiences for both mama and baby!

Lucia has really started to interact with the world around her.  She loves to look around and spends long periods of time staring at the different objects in the room.  She especially loves to stare at the crucifix, both the one above our bed and the one above her crib. I've heard that babies and young children are more sensitive to the spiritual and I absolutely believe it. She also spends considerable time on her play mat just staring at the toys above her.  She loves when I hold up her toys for her and shake her rattles.  I wouldn't have thought it was possible for a baby so young to have a favorite toy, but she definitely does: a little rattle in the shape of a bear, probably the most simplistic and classic of all her toys.

 She is also much more reactive to noise.  When I speak to her while she's crying, she'll often stop crying and look toward me.  She used to be able to sleep through anything, but now loud noises wake her (and she is so mad when she's awakened!).

Lulu has become quite the smiler.  She loves smiling back when people smile at her.  My favorite time with her is in the morning. When she first wakes up she smiles these big open mouthed smiles, makes sweet baby noises, and turns her head from side to side checking out her surroundings.  She's the happiest in the morning, so this is the time we get the most bonding and play in.

And she talks.  Boy, can she talk.  She's talking up a storm!  In fact, in this household we hear much more baby babble than we do crying.  She's overall a very content baby and continues to only cry when she wants something specific: to nurse, a diaper change, or a nap.  The last one is something new; she used to just fall asleep when tired, but now she just gets grouchy and needs some help getting to sleep.  I'll rock her to sleep or put her in her swing and she's out pretty quickly.

Speaking of sleep, my big girl has started sleeping in her crib.  She's been sleeping the night through for the past couple weeks, but earlier this week she kept waking us up making noises (in her sleep) throughout the night.  So it was time.  Three nights ago was the first time in her crib and I was up all night worried about her.  But she was amazing and didn't wake up until morning!  I miss having her in the bed with us, but it seems that she sleeps much better in her own crib as well.

All that sleeping must be doing her good because she has also grown so strong.  She has very good neck control and can lift herself up quite high during tummy time.  Oh, how she loves tummy time!  (As long as she is in a good mood when she started!)  I love it too, getting down on the floor with her, talking with her, and making eye contact while she shows off her new strong muscles.  

I can tell Lucia is going to be a daddy's girl.  She just adores her daddy (and he adores her!).  The time they spend cuddling on the couch every afternoon after daddy gets home from work is priceless.  Is there anything more beautiful than seeing a father and daughter bonding?

Is it strange that every time I see her I still consciously think that's she just so beautiful and can't believe that she's mine?  I am incredibly blessed to be a mama to this little one!

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  1. 4.5 and 2 years with my boys, respectively, and sometimes I still cannot believe that those beautiful children are mine.

    I really enjoy your monthly updates on Lucia, she's growing so much!

  2. Happy 2 Months, Lucia! She's getting so big and cute too! What fun that she's "talking" with you. I swear little girls come out of the womb ready to chat. I doubt little boys are that way, but who knows. Ha.

  3. So precious! Love the updates! I can't wait to have a little one of my own. Your experience has made it an even more exciting prospect.

  4. hey mandi,
    my baby was born on dec 1st 2012..:) so happy to have found you n Lucia... your website is classy!


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