Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why I Love My Husband (vol. 6): The National Marriage Week Edition

As Kaitlin over at More Like Mary ~ More Like Me pointed out, today marks the beginning of National Marriage Week.  So between now and Valentine's Day, I plan to post all about love and marriage (including a great guest post and our online dating "success story").  I couldn't think of any better way to start the week than by posting a new "Why I Love My Husband", which coincidentally was started by the aforementioned Kaitlin!  Without further ado:

Despite his own upbringing in a fairly traditional household, he has been very supportive of the "unconventional" parenting methods that were important to me: cloth diapering, baby wearing, exclusively breastfeeding, co-sleeping, etc.

He knows that I've been a bit self-conscious of my body since having the baby and makes sure to give me extra compliments.

He is working extremely hard to get his dissertation done so he can graduate in May.  On top of his research and writing, he's spent the past few months applying for post doc scholarships so he'll be able to best provide for his family.

Even though he has been so stressed with getting everything done at school, he comes home every night ready to help me around the house and spend time with Lucia.

I never have to wash a dish.  Never.  Ever.  (Although sometimes I do to help him out.)  He decided that the dishes are his job and he takes them very seriously.  He even calls the kitchen "my kitchen" and takes pride in keeping it clean.

He is very gentle with Lucia.  He loves cuddling her and just staring at her beautiful face.  The two of them take a nap together on the couch almost every afternoon after he gets home from work.  Anyone that sees him with her can tell that he's just enamored with his baby girl.

He starts the cloth diaper laundry in the morning before leaving for work.

My family just loves him!  They are so proud of him and can't stop telling people that their son-in-law is getting his Ph.D.  And he is so kind and loving toward them in return.  He even calls my grandparents Nana and Papa (and they call him "our sweet David"!).

He is an extremely faithful man of God.  He leads us in praying the rosary every night before we go to sleep.  On the nights I'm too tired to join him, he says it alone and tells me that he's saying it for me as well since we are "one flesh".  

He calls me every afternoon before he eats lunch just to check in with his two favorite ladies.  It always seems to be at the perfect time - just as I'm about to get flustered because the baby is crying or because I haven't gotten any housework done or because I've been cooped up in the house all day.  And hearing his voice always makes me feel better.

Why do you love your husband?  How do you love your husband?  What are you going to do this week in honor of National Marriage Week?


  1. He does the dishes? He's a keeper! I HATE doing the dishes! I love cooking but hate cleaning and no one in my house likes doing them and there are always arguments about who should do them. 

  2. AWW so sweet, I think our guys would get along great!

    ps. My grandparents are Nana and Pawpaw :-) :-)

  3. Amy_YouShallGoOutWithJoyFebruary 8, 2012 at 8:13 AM

    To me, to have a husband that loves my family as much as I do is one of the greatest blessings!  I love your list--I can relate to many of them (crazy parenting ideas, anyone?)

  4. My dad is like a son to my mom's parents. They are very close and he does so much for them. Growing up seeing that, I realized how important it is that my husband get along well with my family.


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