Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lucia's First Halloween

We had an amazing October this year!  It was Lucia's first Halloween and we were able to squeeze in all the traditional fall activities we wanted to do.

First was a corn maze and pumpkin patch:

It even had a petting zoo.  To Lulu, all the animals are "dog"!

Grumpy girl even got to pick a pumpkin:

And she wasn't grumpy anymore:

She watched Daddy carve a pumpkin:

 Then painted one of her own:

That princess does not like being dirty:

On Halloween, she got up bright and early 
for her first day at the babysitters with her new friends:

Then Daddy picked her up to come to Mama's school 
and join in the Halloween parade.

When she got home there was a special Halloween surprise
in her treat bag from Nana and Papa:

A glow worm that we've named Zoey Glowy 
and who has quickly become Lulu's constant companion.

 And, of course, no Halloween is complete without a little trick-or-treating.
We went to the houses of four neighbors before Lucia decided it was boring.

So we kissed our little pumpkin goodnight and went to bed.


  1. So, so, so, so cute! I love her expressions!

  2. Love that excited look she gives, it was in a pic on the hay and with the pink toy!

  3. SO cute!! She's so expressive!

    Love that last picture!

  4. I love these cute picture-filled posts, it helps to see how you all are when we miss you so much!

  5. Those pictures are all so cute! I love yall dressed up too:)

  6. did anyone notice the baby is a split of their halloween costumes? Momma's a pumpkin, Dadda's got B&W stripes and Lu is a pumpkin in stripes!! ADORBZ!! and great pictures!


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