Friday, November 30, 2012

Ready, Teddy!

Other than putting up a few more giveaways (yay!), I won't be blogging much until Monday.  I'm in the process of putting together my first ever children's birthday party.  I'm a little nervous but all signs point to the party being a huge success tomorrow.  Here's what I've been doing:

Teddy bears are ready to go!
(In crowns I made myself. 
The birthday princess has a larger matching version.) 

These cute little circles are all punched out and now
sit atop little sticks ready to go in the cupcakes!
(Printables courtesy of Daysigns by Day)

I also made put the banner together,
made some of the food and icing for the cake last night. 

I still have a lot to do:
Finish the food
Bake the cake
Decorate the cake
Make "teddy bear cars"
Buy punch ingredients
Get everything packed for tomorrow
And probably more that I'll think of later...

I always seem to forget something essential.  I need to start making a list.  Any of you veteran moms have advice for me?  In reality, I tried to keep everything simple.  The decorations consist of pictures of Lulu, a banner, the teddy bears, and a few balloons my mom is picking up.  I think I might have done myself in by wanting to make the food myself, but I'm committed at this point.  Lucia is entertained by an empty cereal box and won't remember this birthday anyway, so there is very low pressure on that end.  I am just looking forward to the opportunity to get together with friends and family and celebrate what a blessing our sweet girl is!  Hopefully, I can stop stressing about being a perfect hostess and enjoy myself.

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