Friday, November 23, 2012

(What I Wore to) Thanksgiving Dinner

The past two years, we've been out of state for Thanksgiving.  Two years ago, we were newlyweds living in Indiana.  I worked at Starbucks so we couldn't fly back for the holidays.  We made a small dinner with another couple and it ended up being quite nice.  Last year, we were living in North Carolina and I was nine months pregnant.  Coincidentally, we lived in the same apartment complex as the couple we'd eaten dinner with the year before, but they went out of town for the holiday so we went to dinner at the home of David's advisor.  It was, once again, unexpectedly lovely.  This year, David had to work (now he's working at Starbucks), but he was off by three, swung by my grandparents' house and brought them over.  

This year wasn't just spent with my family, we also had family friends over.  My mom made friends with the wife before I was born.  I've been friends with the daughter since I was born (she was nine days old at the time).  They moved to Colorado a few years before us and we've done Thanksgiving with them almost every year since we moved out here.  My friend is getting married in the spring, so this may be the last year she comes to our family Thanksgiving which made this one even more poignant.  This is also the first time her brother has come in maybe five years (he's been at girlfriends' or working in the past) and it was nice to have both our families all here, plus the few tag-alongs I acquired (my husband and daughter).  Overall, it was a great meal.

The ever-stylish Grace of Camp Patton is hosting a link-up of Thankgiving Dinner fashions.  Here's what I wore:

 Sweater: Forever 21 | Leggings: Kohl's (Lauren Conrad)
Shirt : Faded Glory | Heels: Maurices

Last weekend, my sister-in-law brought me a bag of clothes she was getting rid of in case I wanted anything.  I ended up taking it all, including this cute sweater.  I had to raid my mom's closet to find a shirt to go under it, but ended up finding one that matched my new leggings exactly.  

Remember when I said all my leggings got lost in the move?  Well, my mom found them yesterday, mere days after I went out and bought more to replace them.  Luckily, in my wisdom, I only bought colors I didn't already have in case I found them. 

And now for a picture of what I'm thankful for:

my sweet family
This is the last of Lucia's "first" holidays. SO bittersweet.  Her first birthday is in less than two weeks.  (No, that is not an ankle monitor on my sweet girl, that is a watch that my ever-goofy father put on her ankle.  Don't ask why.  I'm sure there is no explanation, reasonable or not.)

What are you thankful for?
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  1. Cute! :) The shirt and leggings look like it could be a leotard or something! That's impressive that your mom mom had something to match. :) And, beautiful fam!

  2. wow. so many girls wearing Lauren Conrad ... I need to look into her line!!

    and I LOVE the name Lucia ... I'll try not to steal it if we have a girl :)

    you guys all look great and the watch on the foot thing ... hilare.

  3. You look fantastic! I love the blue and grey together and those shoes are awesome...and seriously, what a great free sweater!

  4. Thanks! I really liked the color combo too, but it really was accidental - the only clean pair of leggings I had!

  5. We went to Kohl's yesterday and were looking through the sales racks. I noticed 80% of what I picked out to try on was Lauren Conrad! Her clothes is awesome!

    I don't believe in owning names, so if you like Lucia, I wouldn't be one ounce upset if you named your baby that!

  6. Such a coincidence she had the right color. In fact, she has a ton of gems in her closet that I haven't see in year (if ever). I'm going to be checking in there more often!

  7. I hate that whole "owning/stealing" names nonsense. I have 3 cousins named Chris and 2 named Steve and I'm sure my Aunts didn't get mad for using the names lol


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