Sunday, November 25, 2012

What I Wore Sunday: Quick & Easy

Shirt: Wrapper| Skirt: MNG Jeans | Necklace: Premier Designs
Leggings: Old Navy (Maternity) | Boots: Big Buddha

Remember the sweater I wore on ThanksgivingThis skirt is another new-to-me piece thanks to my sister-in-law.  I finally found all my leggings, including these super comfy maternity ones.  (No you didn't miss a pregnancy announcement, these leggings are just that awesome that they get used out of "season", so to speak.)  Oh yeah, and this necklace is new courtesy of a Premier Designs party.  I generally don't buy accessories because I usually don't wear them, but I have a similar gold-toned necklace (I wore it here) that gets more use than all my other necklaces combined, so I thought I might actually wear a similar silver-toned one.  I was proud of myself for remembering to throw it on this morning.

This outfit should be titled, "What I Wore When My Baby Was Sick and I Had Five Minutes to Get Ready."  Wonderful mother that I am, I gave Lucia the nasty cold I had last week.  (It undoubtedly was gifted it from one of my lovely students.)  She stayed home with my mom while David and I enjoyed Mass without a little one crawling all over us.  I got to listen to the entire homily, but I would have much rather had my sweet pea with us.  Mass just isn't the same if we can't enjoy it as a family.

I feel like I also experienced my first "I HATE working outside the home" moment this morning.  I enjoy teaching, and working only three days a week generally gives me much of the flexibility of a stay-at-home mom.  But with Lucia being sick, she can't go to the babysitter's and both David and I work tomorrow.  It's not easy for either of us to find someone to cover for us, much less on such short notice, and all I could think was, "My baby's sick and I have to work instead of care for her."  Thank goodness, my sister-in-law saved the day (as she often does) and is coming to watch her niece tomorrow.  I don't know how moms (including stay-at-home moms) survive without family nearby.

I'm linking up to Fine Linen and Purple's What I Wore Sunday linkup.  Check it out for more church attire inspiration.


  1. Cute outfit! I am with you on experiencing those moments when my daughter's sick and I have to be gone instead of at home with her :( It is a nearly impossible situation without having family very close, and my parents just live 45 minutes from us now!

  2. Amanda @ worthy of AgapeNovember 25, 2012 at 3:44 PM

    Super cute shirt! I love the necklace and the braid, you look great =)

  3. You look like you work great under pressure. I'd never guess that you only had 5 minutes :-) Happy to be your newest sponsor! I hope little Lucia feels 100% soon.

  4. My little man is sick today too - hope your sweet Lucia feels better soon! For five minutes - you look fab! I have never been able to pull off a jean skirt but this looks great! The necklace is a great piece!

  5. I hope she feels better soon! I feel like with children though... everyone gets sick all the time! LOL. At least I know we do. This season has been rough. If it's any consolation, you still look cute, Mama!

  6. Five minutes? Impressed. And germs are all I feel my students give me.

  7. Poor Lucia; I hope she's doing better! I am obssessed with your boots--I've been on the lookout for cowboy boots, but haven't decided if they fit the vibe of my little mountain town =)


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