Wednesday, November 14, 2012

30 Days of Thanks

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One of my favorite things about fall is the attitude of thankfulness it brings.  I shouldn't need a reminder to appreciate the abundant blessings in my life, but I'll admit that sometimes I take them for granted.  Join me in making a list of 30 blessings you are grateful for and link it up below.  The link up will remain open until the end of the month.

Rules for the link up:
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2. Link up your list of 30 blessings.

3. Check out at least three others who have linked up & leave comment love.

4. (optional) Grab the button, Tweet, Facebook, and spread the word about the link up!

This November, I want to remember to give thanks for:

1. My wonderful husband & marriage.
2. My beautiful baby girl.
3. My generous parents.
4. Still having my grandparents.
5. That my brother adores his niece.
6. The ability to provide for our needs.
7. The wisdom of the Catholic Church.
8. My job, students, & coworkers.
9. Sunshine to lift my spirits.
10. Living in gorgeous, sunny Colorado.
11. Quinoa, my favorite new diet staple.
12. Finding loving childcare for Lucia.
13. Being a citizen of the U.S.
14. My new sister-in-law.
15. My fertility.
16. My health.
17. New friends.
18. Living closer to old friends.
19. Clean, warm, & running water.
20. Reading a good book.
21. Lucia will grow up near family.
22. My college education.
23. Being able to breastfeed.
24. Celebrating the holidays with family.
25. The examples & intercession of the Saints.
25. Becoming more healthy/crunchy/natural.
26. Having access to medical care.
27. The dedication of our priests.
28. Spending time with nuns for the first time.
29. Having two reliable vehicles.
30. Our sweet dogs (well, one sweet & one grumpy).
Your turn! 
Link up your list below.


  1. 7, 15, 20 and so many more of yours ! Love them!

  2. What a fun link! (I posted mine too.) This was my first visit and I have enjoyed looking around your blog. I shall be back again. :-)

  3. Thanks for hosting Mandi!! I love 7, 11, 20, & 27! :)

  4. Thanks for hosting! I especially enjoyed # 20 and #25! I always love a good book, and I love reading about the saints:)


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