Friday, May 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (90)

--- 1 ---

Have you seen this video about Zach Sobiech, who just died this week from cancer at age 18?  It's incredibly moving and definitely worth the 20 minutes to watch.  After I saw it (and bawled my eyes out), I felt that something was missing.  I knew that a young man facing his death with such peace (and the similarly the calm hope of his family and friends) had to have faith.  Encountering this article about the family's strong Catholic faith was no surprise.  I just wish it had been included in some small way into the video.  What a testament that would have been!

--- 2 ---

Have I mentioned that I love Sudoku?  I usually only play on planes but a recently found a place to play online (Live Sudoku) and I'm hooked!  Guess I know what I'll be doing this summer!
--- 3 ---

Lucia has gone poop on the potty a few times this week!  She's told us that she had to go and as long as we've been able to get her on the potty quickly enough, she hasn't had accidents!  (I'm thinking that we need to get a potty chair for downstairs because I just can't get up the stairs too fast with her.  The one we have was $2 at consignment sale but there aren't any more around here until the fall and it's all of $5 new at Ikea.  Finally a reason to go to the Ikea in Denver.)  Before I had a toddler, I never realized what a BIG DEAL potty training is; I thought other parents were exaggerating.  Soooooooo sorry, you were right, this is HUGE!  I'm thrilled, especially since she isn't even 18 months yet.  Once school is over next week and I'm home with her full time for the summer, I hope we'll be able to fully potty train.

--- 4 ---

We're going to a wedding this weekend! I absolutely love weddings and this one is for a childhood friend, which makes it that much more exciting.  Our moms were friends while they were pregnant with us and she was born only 9 days before me.  We have pictures of us together in our infant carseats.  Her family moved to Colorado two years before we did, and although we were about an hour and a half away, we always got together for birthdays and her family usually joined us for Thanksgiving.  My parents, my brother, and his girlfriend will be at the wedding as well, so I'm sure we'll have a great time!

--- 5 ---

The six of us got together last weekend too and it was very, very fun.  My dad's crew at work was recognized by his company as the top in the country for customer service and they got a suite at the Rockies game complete with food and drinks.  It was so luxurious - I'm never going to want to sit in the Rock Pile bleacher seats again!  My dad was really proud to have his family all join him to be recognized.  Definitel one of those moments that I'll always remember.

--- 6 ---

I took some pictures of Lulu playing in the backyard this week.  Here's a sneak peak of one of my favorites.  I'll probably share the rest sometime next week.

--- 7 ---

Did you read my big announcement this week?  I'm going to be an aunt!  I also have a giveaway going on for $50 to Tiny Prints in honor of my NIECE who will be joining us in the world outside the womb in October.

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  1. Mandi, I'm so glad that you shared that article on Zach's family's strong faith. I saw part of the video on his life earlier this week and was really moved. It was so beautiful to read about his mother's devotion to Mary and the rosary.


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