Sunday, May 12, 2013

WIWS: Happy Mother's Day

 skirt: La Belle (had it since high school) | camis:Ambiance Apparel via NoMoreRack
sweater: Derek Heart (via Ross?) | sandals: LifeStrides via Ross
necklace: Premier Designs | hair band: Lilla Rosa

Happy Mother's Day!  My family has always celebrated all the women who have lead special mothering roles: moms, grandmas, special aunties, godmothers, and anyone else that fills that place in our hearts.  Some dads take on the roles of fathers and mothers.  I'm saying a prayer of thanksgiving for all of you today.  I also have a special prayer today for those of you that have lost your children or long for children with the cross of infertility, know that you are remembers and loved today.

Apparently the Mass times changed at our church while we were away for a week.  What a blessing in disguise!  David, Lulu, and I were there an hour early and got to walk around downtown and enjoy a latte together before heading back for Mass.  Lulu was so cute walking on the sidewalk, announcing loudly each time she saw a "BABY, BABY, BABY!" and greeting each four-legged creature with "HI DOG! HI DOG!" She was fussy in Mass as always, but my dad stayed with her in the back most of the time, so I got to participate in Mass.

It was a really great Mother's Day overall, complete with sweet cards from David and Lucia.  And breakfast in bed (my dad and David teamed up on that one for me and my mom).  I just got up from a long afternoon nap and it seems the rest of the house is still napping (save for David who is at work - I have to plan something super special for him for Father's Day for working so hard for us).  Here's to hoping for a few minutes to read before anyone else wakes up.  That would be the perfect Mother's Day indeed.

I'm linking up to Fine Linen and Purple's What I Wore Sunday linkup.  Thanks for joining me last week when I guest hosted the linkup!  Head over for more church attire inspiration.


  1. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! It's so great to hear how Lucia is growing and changing. That is such a magical age...watching your child discover the world. She is adorable.

  2. Just catching up... love the hair band! ;) Thanks for the link!


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