Monday, May 20, 2013

Mombo Nursing Pillow: 3+ Baby Products in One?

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Lucia and I are going on 18 months of nursing!  When she was born, my goal was at least a year and I'm so happy that we've continued past that point.  Nursing has been easy for us from the start, something I know is not the case for all mothers.  I've been reflecting recently on what made nursing work so well for us, and while a large part of it was out of my control - I was blessed with a little one with a good latch from the beginning and who was a good eater, my milk came in fine and I hade adequate supply, etc. - there were definitely things I did that made the learning process smoother.  I read several books about breastfeeding beforehand and went to a breastfeeding class.  David attended the class with me and I had him read the parts of the books that talked about the importance of a husband's support.  We also got a few products to help with breastfeeding, including a nursing cover and a nursing pillow.
Our nursing pillow played a huge part in finding a comfortable hold and being able to nurse in those first few tiring months.  It also served as a great pillow for tummy time.  I was intrigued to find out recently that there are now nursing pillows with some extra bells and whistles. I was sent a mombo nursing pillow to test out and I absolutely love it!  Here's why:
  • Mombo has a two-sided design called Firm2Soft™. The firm side gives much needed support for mama and her sweet nursling. The soft side is super comfy for baby to rest against or to use for tummy time.  Super simple concept but makes a world of difference!
  • It has a small vibration piece that can be turned on and slipped inside the pillow for resting baby.  Do I need to tell you that babies LOVE vibration?
  • It's multi-functional!  I'm mentioned time and time again on my blog that I'm all about multi-functional baby items.  Baby gear tends to take up a ton of space, so if I can find something that takes the roll of a few different items, I'm all over it (for the cost savings as well as space savings!).  Living in a small apartment for the first seven months of Lucia's life and currently sharing a house with my parents, I'm very aware of products that will serve the purpose of many products but only take the space of one.  Babies usually only like those vibrating bouncers for the first 4-6 months and I can definitely see this taking the place of one.
  • It has darling covers.  I love two-sided cover we were sent.  One side well elephants (my FAVORITE animal) and the other side a soft green.
Lucia's a bit old to need the nursing pillow to nurse (she now nurses standing up, upside down, while doing yoga, etc.) but she still loved to sit and lay on the soft side of the pillow.  I can't wait to get the entire nursing experience with the pillow down the road.

Since Lulu was born, my mom's go-to baby gift has been a nursing pillow because she was amazed at how useful it was (I guess they weren't around when I was a babe).  When she came out to stay with us after Lucia was born, she used it all the time to hold Lucia (obviously not to nurse!) because it was so much more comfortable for her.  I'm excited to tell her that I know of an even better, more versatile nursing pillow for her to spoil expecting moms with!

You can find out more about the mombo and other Comfort  & Harmony products by following  Comfort & Harmony on Facebook and Comfort & Harmony on Twitter. Mombos are only available at Babies 'R' Us but are so worth a special trip there to grab one for your baby or the expectant mama you know!

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