Sunday, May 5, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: The One In Which I HOST!

Welcome WIWSers!  As I'm sure you already know, Fine Linen and Purple's Emily was married this weekend!  I hope you'll join me in congratulating her and sending prayers her way for a beautiful, Christ-centered marriage.  Since this was such a big week for Emily and Kendra, they asked me to fill in as host of What I Wore Sunday.  Obviously, they didn't choose based on most stylish but I'm honored that they asked me to step in and fill the fashionable shoes of Fine Linen and Purple. 

I've been a frequent WIWS participant since the very beginning (and I've been "in real life" friends with Kendra since before Fine Linen and Purple came into existence - she's just as wonderful in person, people!), so unless you've become a new reader since last Sunday, all you Messy Wife, Blessed Life readers should know what it's all about by now. 

dress: LOFT
boots: Bare Traps (Macy's)
necklace: Blessed Life Boutique
(lack of) makeup and hairstyle: sixteen people in a house with three bathrooms

I'm loving our vacation to visit family and Lucia even got a B for Mass behavior today! And the weather is gorgeous! Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Thanks for hosting, Mandi! Cute boots, & I love the cut of your dress!

  2. So happy to be here Mandy!! I love your blog and it's beautiful message. You look gorgeous in hot pink and the boots make it even more mod. Love it!! - Mary L.

  3. The color of that dress is gorgeous!! You look great!

  4. Love that dress, Mandi! Your excuse for no-frills makeup and hair beats my "I'm not in the mood" excuse. :) Glad you're enjoying yourselves and that Lucia got a B at Mass!

  5. Love the dress! Looks like quite a few of us were wearing bright pink this weekend. Perhaps in an attempt to summon spring to come and stay!!


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