Friday, June 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (92)

--- 1 ---

How to Talk to Little Girls.  I've noticed that many adults (myself included) that come into contact with Lucia focus on her appearance.  "She's so cute."  It's true, but I want my daughter to be valued for her mind, for her compassion, for her love of Christ.  She might not always be cute, she most likely will have those odd, gangly, awkward in-between years and I want her to know that that's ok.  That her worth has nothing to do with her appearance.  I loved this example about how to talk to little girls without mentioning looks or beauty or style, not even once!  It's really difficult and requires a lot of thought and effort, but it's so worth it.  This is definitely something we'll be working on in our home.

--- 2 ---

Worse End of the School Year Mom EverI'm sure you've read this by now, I've seen it referenced on a million blogs and tweeted/facebooked probably a million and a half times, but if you haven't taken a look, read it.  And I have to say, as a teacher we feel fairly similar.  By the end of the year, my lesson plans weren't quite what they were in the beginning of the year and there wasn't an adorable worksheet to be seen.  You're making your own worksheet out of notebook paper, kid, and then you're going to grade your own. 
--- 3 ---

Please pray for Dwija and her baby.  Long story short, she's have serious pregnancy complications.  If you want to read more details, here's her most recent post.  Be warned, it brought me to tears.
--- 4 ---

I am still sick! Not quite as sick as I was when I wrote this post, but still not in fully functioning mode.  David has to go to work today at 1 and I'll most likely be home with the toddler until nearly 7 because both my mom and dad have had to work late quite a bit recently.  I really hope that I'm feeling miraculously better by the time you read this.  I cannot express enough how out of character this is for me.  Usually I feel a little "icky" but am still able to do everything while sick.  Every once in a while I'll have one day of really nasty sickness but it never lasts more than 48 hours before I'm back to 99% functioning.  I got this junk from Lucia and she felt better after about two days.  I'm going on day five of feeling pretty-close-but-not-quite-death. 

--- 5 ---

Speaking of sickness, David made a pretty astute observation the other day: we have pretty much the opposite immune systems.  We never get the same sicknesses.  We must have gotten opposite illnesses as children, but it works out well because we'd be a mess if both of us (or all three of us!) were sick at the same time.  I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have David getting me water and tea and chocolate (What? It's a nasty cold, not a stomach thing!), and giving me massages and piling on blankets only to strip them off me fifteen minutes later.  And last fall when he got the stomach flu of death?  There is no way I could have taken care of him if I had been in the state he was and he was in need of some TLC badly.

--- 6 ---

My brother is dating this super sweet girl.  They are pretty young (she just turned 18) and have several years of school ahead of them, but I kind of really hope she ends up being his "one".  If for no other reason than I'm imagining Lulu is sweet flower girl dresses.  Getting ahead of myself a bit? 

--- 7 ---

Two years ago, our first move to Raleigh. I was five months pregnant. This time we have a toddler but no furniture so it evens out.
David was offered a job this week.  He accepted yesterday.  So happy he has a job.  So sad that means we'll be moving far away from family.  More details here.  I'm going to be taking a blogging break of at least two weeks surrounding the move, so if you're interested in guest posting, send me an email to  I'll need any guest post submissions by mid-July so I can get them all scheduled and ready for the move.  Any topic is fair game, even if it's not something you regularly see on this blog, in fact, I'm sure my readers would prefer some variety.  I'm pretty much a one-trick pony.

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  1. So happy that David has found a job! Praying for you to get over your sickness soon!

  2. The first several takes of your post make me feel ashamed of what I call a "bad" week!

  3. Hello! I found your blog via Conversion Diary and I'm really enjoying it. I have a two-month old baby girl, and I was just commenting to my husband the other day that yes, of course we both think she's beautiful, but I don't want her growing up just hearing positive comments about her looks. We want her to value her intelligence, her faith, and character above all. Thank you for posting that! God bless. ~Marisa

  4. LOVE the first 2 links/articles. Thanks

  5. Glad you liked them! I always forget about the great articles I read during the week by the time Friday comes along, so I wrote those quick takes earlier this week so I would remember them!

  6. It's so hard because my daughter hears "You're so cute." and "You're gorgeous." etc. probably 50 times a day. (We currently live with my parents and they don't understand what's wrong with that when I try to explain it!) No one ever sees her and says, "You are very articulate." even though she's very, very advanced verbally at her age. It's frustrating, but I can only control what I say and she has so many other influences around her, you know?

  7. I know, I thought I was having a bad week too, wallowing is self pity for being sick!

  8. Thanks, Emily. I just remembered I have a bridal shower and bachelorette party tomorrow and I'm going to feel just awful if I have to back out of them!

  9. Ha I totally want my brother-in-law to marry his girlfriend soon so that Cecilia can be flower girl! Although if he waits a couple years he could have THREE flower girls, which might just be the cutest ever...
    And congrats on the job!!!!!!!

  10. Hi, I was reading your blog on Friday and read the first article you posted. It is a really interesting perspective, but anyway the whole topic inspired me to write a blog post about girls and telling them they are beautiful. I hope you don't think it's too spammy if I post a link to my blog post.. but I thought you might be interested, because it was inspired by your first quick take and the article you posted. :).

  11. Not spammy at all, I'll go check it out.


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