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Best Gifts for... One-Year-Olds

As a mom of a one-year-old, I have a pretty good idea of gifts that one-year-olds (and their parents) will love.  So I thought I'd share, not only for your sake, but for mine.  Because I won't always have a one-year-old and I can imagine myself someday saying "Now, what do one-year-olds like/need/use?"  Yep, memory issues over here.  Of course, this is only based on my experience but I picked items that I think most little ones would like and didn't mention the things that I know only my quirky child would like.

Green Toys
Lucia has a Green Toys Tea Set that she adores.  I wish it was all gender neutral colors so it could be a little boy gift as well, but you could go with the Dish Set instead.  Green Toys also makes trucks and airplanes and sand toys, etc.  The plastic is recycled and is really thick, sturdy and high quality.  It's also food grade which makes me feel comfortable about my little one gnawing on it.  In fact, Green Toys also makes "real" plates and utensils out of the same material, which would also make a great gift for new eaters.

Plates, Cups, Utensils
One year olds and just getting into serious  eating and baby/toddler tableware and silverware usually aren't received as baby shower gifts.  I would especially suggest utensils that are more "toddler-sized" than baby sized since they will outgrow those quickly.  Some of my favorites are the Green Eats ones I linked to above.

Like Green Toys, I'm again suggesting a brand of toys instead of a specific one.  Lucia has the B. Parum Pum Pum Drum instrument set and the B. Zany Zoo activity block.  Both are huge hits but I really don't think you could go wrong with any B. toy for a little one.

I don't think baby dolls are just for little girls.  Little boys can practice being big brothers and daddies.  There are options for more masculine baby dolls, but I don't know them because I have a very girly girl.  This is my Lulu's "baby" and she loved her.  I like that she only comes with one accessory and she's actually cute and not scary like a lot of baby dolls out there.  I'm also not a huge fan of those eyes that open and close and this baby doesn't have those, so score.  My mom did awesome with this gift.

Also an awesome gift from my mom, Lulu loves her Gloworm. She sleeps with her every night (her Gloworm, who we named Zooey Glowy and Lucia calles "Ee", is of the female - pink and green - variety, but I figured we needed some boy colors in this post!).  She quickly learned how to press her stomach to turn the light and music on and off, which I love because she often spends 30 minutes just playing and listening to her Gloworm when she wakes up in the morning or before she goes to sleep at night. 

I received this set of Bath Block to review six months ago and they are still one of Lucia's favorite toys.  She'll play with them in the bath, out of the bath, or just carry them around in their little bag like a purse.  

In addition to bath blocks, Lucia also loves her wooden ABC blocks and Mega Bloks (she has two sets of each).  I've also been wanting to add a set of various shaped wooden blocks that emphasize creativity and imagination.  Honestly, unless you get too small of pieces or blocks that are way too complicated (Legos on both counts), you can't really go wrong with blocks for one-year-olds regardless of the type.

art supplies
Crayons, coloring books, paints, stamps, etc.  Lucia especially loves these toddler stampers.

If you're wanting to go for a useful gift instead of a toy (especially for the baby that has everything), I love leather shoes for beginning walkers and they come in all different darling designs.  

family pass to zoo/museum/national parks

For the little one that truly has it all, savings for college is definitely an appreciated gift.  You could always write a check, but if you want to be sure that the money is going straight to a college fund, ask mom and dad if they have set up an account.  Many parents set up online accounts that family and friends can directly contribute to and that can only be put into a 529 college savings funds.

What are your go-to one-year-old gifts?  

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