Monday, June 24, 2013

June Blooms

Before I lived in California as a kid, I remember June being called "June gloom".  After moving to Colorado, I was amazed to realize that there were actually more sunny days in here than in "sunny California".  When I moved away, I realized how much I took the sunshine for granted.  It's not unusual here for there to be snow in the morning and sun in the afternoon.  It's really not all that often that there are days without the sun peaking out at least a little.   I'm starting to get a little sentimental knowing that we'll be leaving Colorado once again.  The weather is nice in North Carolina too, but there's just something about my home state, you know?

Anyway, I'd love you to meet some sweet sponsors on this sunny day.  No June gloom here.

 Meet Buhbay.
Hi, I’m Amanda, proud owner of Buhbay. I’m a full-time mom, and part time graphic designer. At Buhbay, every one of my art prints is made with love and warm fuzzies. My art is inspired by my own two kids, and my passion about displaying the Word of God in our homes in a way kids will love, and you’ll love too!

Meet Inktastic.
Personalized onesies. Personalized baby clothes.
Family friendly apparel. Custom t-shirts.  
Inktastic is a family owned business that offers family friendly custom t-shirts and apparel with an emphasis on personalized baby clothing.  Select from our wide variety of high quality graphics or create your own personalized message.  Top quality products at affordable pricing for one of a kind custom printed apparel.

Meet Brett.
Orphan. CP.  Needs a mama. 
Adorable. So much promise.
Brett is an orphan in Eastern Europe who needs a mama.  I started advocating for him through Reece's Rainbow in April 2012 because I couldn't believe that such an adorable little boy should face life in an orphanage and eventually a mental institution just because his legs don't work.  I'm hoping through this blog that we can find Brett some parents and give him a brighter future in Canada or the USA.

Meet Patty.
 Newlywed. Youth Minister. Grad Student. 
Passionately Catholic. Lover of books & traveling.
My name is Patty and I blog over at Tales of Me and the Husband.  Grab a hot cup of tea or a glass of wine and stop on by, would love to get to know you!  I write about it all: from marriage, faith, new recipes, book reviews...and it's all done with honesty and on occasion a wee bit of sass!
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Meet Sarah.
Wife to Dan. Mother to Emily & Erin. Daughter of God. 
Lover of family, faith, food, and life.

 I'm Sarah, a young Catholic wife and mommy who loves to run, cook, bake, write, keep house (most of the time), and spend time outside. I'm the lucky wife to a wonderful husband and mother of baby twin girls. I strive to include my faith in all parts of my life, and I'm excited to share our journey as a newly made family of four - come join us!
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  1. I never understood why that happens (all of a sudden you hear about something EVERYWHERE)! So strange.

    We'll miss the sun here, although the year we lived in NC it snowed ONCE for a few hours and I could get used to that. I hear it was a really mild winter, but I'm expecting 60s again this winter.


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