Friday, June 21, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (94)

--- 1 ---

We spent the day yesterday with David's family including two of his uncles from out of town.  One I had never met before and one I met at our rehearsal dinner wedding; we were a bit busy at the time so I barely got to speak with him.  It was really nice to get to know them a bit and have them meet Lucia.  David's uncles come to the area from time to time to visit his grandparents and I'm sad we won't be around for their future visits.  David still hasn't met his three youngest cousins (one was born just this year).  

--- 2 ---

David's uncle was wearing this really cool iPhone caseWhen someone asked him about it, he said that his wife designed it!  Crazy, right?  David's aunt wanted something that she could just stick her phone, ID, and credit card in so she would have to take a purse with her everywhere.  She couldn't find exactly what she wanted so she designed her own and they are now selling them.  I love the idea, especially for moms with big diaper bags that do not want to lug around an additional purse.  Unfortunately I have a dumb phone so I can't use one, but if you have a smart phone, you can buy a JHook Case at the website or on Amazon.  They come in plain styles for men or some cute patterns for the ladies.
--- 3 ---

David's grandpa is doing great!  I mentioned on Wednesday that he had a minor stroke last Saturday and it really was minor.  We couldn't tell any difference when we saw him yesterday and he beat my father-in-law at Oh Hell earlier in the week.  My poor father-in-law isn't doing quite as well after being bested at cards by a stroke victim fresh out of the hospital.  Thanks for all your prayers!
--- 4 ---

How about I share with you some of the best blog posts I read this week? How about this one about Kangaroo Sex? Every Conversations with Julia post Grace has ever written. David even joyfully reads those.  (And frets that our Lucia won't be that funny.)  An awesome reflection on the postpartum body.
--- 5 ---

Recap of what I wrote this past week: I joined Hallie to share my Five Favorites.  Wrote a little Father's Day tribute to my husband (you have to see the picture of David with our daughter & goddaughter - so sweet!).  Shared what I've been reading, Twitter-style.  Had a great guest post by Megan about beauty, dignity, and chambray

--- 6 ---
Are there any "mommy memoirs" that are from the point of view of more natural/crunchy/attachment parenting mamas?  I love me a funny motherhood book, but I just don't feel like I relate to them very well.  I'm just a bit tired of all the jokes of how epidurals are the best thing ever created or how having a baby makes you want to get back on birth control right away.  I can usually overlook these comments, but it would be so nice to read a book by a woman that has more of a similar parenting style/lifestyle as me.  Does a book like this exist? Please tell me you know of one!

--- 7 ---

Can I give you a little sneak peak of my sweat pea's 18 month photo session?  There were so many great pictures that I'll probably just have to make a whole post out of them but I couldn't resist sharing one of my favorites with you now.


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