Friday, July 5, 2013

Fireworks, Faith, & Anniversary Plans: 7 Quick Takes Friday (96)

--- 1 ---

We took Lucia to watch the big city fireworks yesterday.  I wasn't feeling great during the day so I was considering not going, but I'm so, so glad that we did.  Lucia was a little afraid at first.  She was sitting in my dad's lap and as soon as they started she wanted daddy. (Doesn't every girl want her daddy when she's scared?)  After a little while though, she started saying "pretty" (well, "pih-dee") or "wow" for each firework and at the end she clapped when everyone else did.  Then clapped again.  And then again a few minutes later, yelling "yay" all the while.  Oh, and the best part?  She called the fireworks "bubbles".

Here is a short (7 sec.) clip summarizing the whole experience:
  You can thank my mom for the commentary.
--- 2 ---

The past few years have been lessons in frugality for us.  We've really tried to cut out the extras that we don't need while still being able to keep some of the fun, memory-building experiences like travel.  One of the ways we do this is by putting everything on our credit card to earn airline points (but being sure to pay it off in full each month!).  We were able to fly out to Chicago in May for a family First Communion for a grand total of $10 because of this!  Another way we save is through finding the absolutely best deal for car rentals (if we need a car rental).  I've been pretty good about finding discounts in the past but there is now a website that sorts car rental coupons available based on which ones are valid for your needs.  Pretty cool, huh?  We don't need a car rental anytime soon, but I'm definitely keeping Zalyn in my bag of tricks for when I do need it.

--- 3 ---

Do you ever wear matchy-matchy clothes with your significant otherI like coordinating with David but usually matching is a little bit too much for me.  But I do like the leather biker jackets and think it would be a pretty great way to match without being too matchy.  Right?  Anniversary gifts maybe?
--- 4 ---

Actually, speaking of our anniversary, it's a week and a half away.  I've been toying with the idea of doing a "wedding re-do" photo shoot like this one.  (The couple in that photo shoot are actually old acquaintances of mine.)  David and I didn't get any outdoor pictures at our wedding and I've always thought I would do it once for an anniversary.  Well, I recently offered for a friend to wear my wedding dress next year for her nuptials.  I'm not sure if she'll end up wearing it, but if she does, she'll have to alter it and there go my chances of wearing it ever again.  Not to mention that my wedding dress has never gone with us on a move and I'm not planning to take it this time either.  So if we're going to ever do it, the time is now.  But I'm wavering.  I have an old high school friend that's an awesome photographer and really reasonable that I can use, but it's still more than we should spend right now.

Also, there is always more time and planning that go into a shoot like this than I ever account for: What will David wear? (We will not be renting a tux.)  Will I be able to find our family Bible to use?  Can I find our wedding program so we can read the readings from our wedding together?  (I can't remember them for the life of me!) Will I need to pay to get hair/makeup/nails done?  (DIY is not an option for me.  Let's just say those are not my strengths.) I know I'm over thinking this... Anyway, should I do it?  If I do, what do you suggest we do, that we bring as props, etc?  I'm just not super creative about these kinds of things, but I don't want it to just be pictures, but to be pictures capturing intimate romantic moments between the two of us, you know?

Oh, and just in case you are wondering, I did try on my wedding dress and it still fits...barely.  But it does.  That obviously would have been the biggest obstacle. 
--- 5 ---

Have you heard of garcinia cambogia? Apparently it's the extract of a fruit from Asia and Africa that aids in weight loss because it makes you feel more full.  Anyone tried it or know someone who has?

--- 6 ---

What a beautiful day to be a Catholic!  Today, Pope Francis's first Papal Encyclical was released.  It is entitled Lumen Fidei (The Light of Faith).  You can find a brief overview here and  the complete text (in nine languages) here.  What is so beautiful about this work is that it completes a trilogy started by Pope Benedict XVI on the virtues of charity, hope, and faith.  In essence, this encyclical was written by two Popes, since Pope Benedict's first draft was passed on to Pope Francis who then revised and contributed to it.  And it just so happens to come out during the Year of Faith. Coincidence?  I think not.

Don't you just love this image?
Also, the causes for canonization of both Blessed Pope John XXIII and Blessed Pope John Paul II have been approved by Pope Francis!  I'll admit that I don't know as much about either Pope as I should, but the canonization of a new Saint is always a blessing to the Church. 

--- 7 ---

With the upcoming move, I'm not going to be blogging as much.    I hate to be the kind of blogger that says things like, "I'm sooooo sorry I haven't been blogging much lately." because I don't like insinuating that you will even notice or that your life isn't complete without hearing about our day-to-day mostly-very-boring life.  However, when I have been light on the blogging in the past, I've gotten sweet emails from even sweeter readers asking if I'm ok.  So just a heads up that we're fine but super busy with the upcoming move and trying to fit in lots of time with friends and family before then.

The date David will be leaving to make the drive is not set in stone yet, but somewhere around the 26th and I'll be flying out with Lucia a few days after he arrives.  So being all moved to our new home is about a month away, and actually "settled in" is probably going to be a while after that.  (I'm what you might call a "lazy unpacker".)  I'm thinking I may only have one or two posts up a week between now and then, unless I finish some of the half-finished posts sitting in my draft folder. 

Or unless I get more guest posters.  (*hint, hint*) (*wink, wink*) (*nudge, nudge*) I've already had a few offers for guest posts for which I am so grateful and very excited.  I even have awesome two-part posts already scheduled courtesy of the lovely Olivia.  If you're interested in guest posting, I'd love to have you.  Send me an email at  You know the topics that are par for the course on this blog: faith, motherhood, marriage, fashion... or you can always share something new with my readers.  Perhaps your hobby is shaving bear backs and turning the fur into gold and you'd like to write a "how to" but just couldn't find a blog that fit your content?  I'm game.


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  1. That is a great tip on car rentals! Have you heard of shopping online "incognito" for airline prices? I'm about to sound like an ad here (I am not, I promise!!), but my best friend just used it and the prices of the tickets she was looking at to fly to Texas dropped by about $90!! Here's the link if you're interested: We are tightening are belts too these days, so I know every little bit helps :D

  2. John Paul II was instrumental for the church and world in my opinion. No advice for #4 because I didn't do a real wedding so we have 0 originals anyway.

  3. That is cool about the car rentals. I'll have to share that with our family as we have tons of family coming down in March for my sisters wedding. One of my financial goals is to get to a place where I get some kind of rewards or frequent flyer credit card and like you guys pay it off every month but get "free stuff" in the process.

  4. Happy anniversary and good luck on the big move! (And congrats that your wedding dress still fits, that's awesome.)


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