Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Five Favorites (6)

Last time I participated in Five Favorites, I did this cool "themed" post linking to my favorite posts/articles across the internet about motherhood and body image.  This week, I'm back to random.  Some of the things I'm loving right now:

Virtual Workouts.
I have a really hard time getting motivated to work out by myself.  Which is a huge problem with our upcoming move.  I'll be home all day with Lulu while David's at work and I know that I need to utilize nap times to take care for of myself.  I would love to say that I'll just pull myself up from the bootstraps and make sure I get it done, but seriously? Not going to happen.  Unless I get help.  That's where MoveMeFit comes in.  It matches me with workout videos that fit my work out history (What history?) and goals.  But the best part is that MoveMeFit lets me workout with a friend virtually! Once I set up a video to do with a friend, I'm locked in and my friends know better than to let me use excuses to get myself out of it.  By the way, did I mention it's free.  (Can I also say that I'm glad some videos are only a few minutes long? I know I can at least do a few of those on really difficult days.)  

I appreciate this thought-provoking interview about the commodification of women through the  egg "donation" and surrogacy.  I was surprised to learn that commercialized surrogacy is against the law in most countries.  Even more surprising is that this issue unites women on both sides of the abortion issue (and political and religious divide) to fight for the dignity of woman. Also of note is the thorough explanation of why military wives are targeted as surrogates. 
"A world that commodifies and uses women — whether as sexual objects or reproductive commodities — is not a world worth fighting for."

Leather Jackets. 
David has one that I love but he kind of ruined it when he put a name tag on it for jury duty.  When we first started dating.  Five years ago. (In his defense, it was the day after we talked on the phone ALL NIGHT. No joke, it was 8 hours straight.  So the guy was tired.)  It looks ok with shoe polish on it (I know, kind of ghetto) but he's due for a new one one of these days.  I'd really like one too.  One of those cross-zip aviator style jackets.  It'd wear it with everything.
"NFP isn't easy. Self-control isn't easy. Marriage isn't easy. But they're all worth it. True love is worth it. Protecting the dignity and lives of other human beings is worth it. Supporting mothers is worth it. Honoring fathers is worth it."  Well said, Julie.  Read more of her insights here.

(Is that one word or two? I never know.)  I reviewed a Boba carrier a while back and we absolutely love it!  The Ergobaby carrier is really similar and currently on sale for over 50% off (starting at only $55!).  Is it insane that I was actually considering ordering one?  I think baby carriers are like cloth diapers in that they are addicting!  I know several mamas that have several carriers and I think that bug is infectious, because I've got it too.  With the upcoming move, I was able to convince myself that our money is better spent elsewhere right now, but I know I'll be kicking myself someday because I've never seen an Ergo that cheap and I kind of doubt I ever will again.  And since we already have one in a gender neutral color for David, I could totally get a girlie one this time just for me...

UPDATE: I just came across another Ergobaby sale.  You can get the Original Carrier here for $63.73, the Designer Carrier here for $79.73 and the Organic Carrier here for $79.73.  (Reduced prices show up in your cart). Free shipping too!

Thanks so much for hosting, Hallie!


  1. I really enjoyed this post and I really enjoyed Julie's post as well - I actually read it yesterday...found the link on Twitter from someone. :)

    1. Thanks, Megan! It's so nice when women are honest about the hardships and blessings of real-life issues, isn't it? And Julie is a great writer!

  2. I love the ERGO and have two (and use both of them to double-baby wear when necessary!) It allows me so much more freedom to get around with the baby and other little ones (plus doesn't constrain me to always take out a double stroller...)


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