Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Guest Post at Carrots for Michaelmas: Navigating NFP Post Partum

Carrots for Michaelmas is one of my all-time favorite blogs.  In addition to incredible post about motherhood, Catholicism, books, and urban homesteading, Haley also hosts a series on Natural Family Planning entitled Women Speak on NFP.  It's fabulous as an introduction to the world of NFP for beginners and as support for those who are longtime NFP users.

I am amazingly, overwhelmingly honored to tell you that I have a guest post up at Carrots for Michaelmas today discussing my experience and advice for using NFP in the post partum period:

After I volunteered to write this post, it occurred to me that I’m probably the last person who should write about postpartum Natural Family Planning.  For the majority of my postpartum period, my husband and I didn’t use NFP.  We used abstinence.  Complete abstinence for seven months.  Yes, it was as hard as it sounds.  And no, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.
Then I realized that I actually have quite a bit to say about postpartum NFP.  I can’t say, “I used X method of NFP during the postpartum period and it was super easy.”  But then, I doubt many women can say that.  What I can tell you how I’ll approach postpartum NFP differently the next time around...continue reading at Carrots for Michaelmas.

If for some reason, you haven't already discovered Carrots for Michaelmas or Women Speak on NFP, I encourage you to hang around there a bit.  If you need to know where to start, some of Haley's most popular posts are linked on the left sidebar.  You won't be disappointed.  

For other posts I've written on NFP, see:
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And for more information on NFP, see:

Check back during NFP Awareness Week (July 21-27) to read the reasons we don't use contraception.

Have a great day!  We're off to enjoy the summer!

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  1. Ah, so glad to hear it's one of your faves--I think I sent it to you because I remember you saying you liked Twilight and I'd sent you a post where she dissed it--oops!


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