Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mama/Baby Boho Style: A Lilla Rose Review

extra large fleur-de-lis flexi - don't you love the Marian symbolism?
Back in February, I wrote a review for Lilla Rose independent consultant Anjanette Barr.  I fell in LOVE with my Lilla Rose Flexi clips and months later, you can still find at least one in my hair or in my purse at all times.  Right now, I have my eye on an extra large Flexi (see above) so I can do french twists and buns with it.  

Warning: Flexi clips are addicting.  Kind of like cloth diapers.  You think you can resist, but you just can't!

Double warning: Flexi clips aren't the only amazing hair accessory Lilla Rose sells.  You'll probably also want to try the O-rings, hair bands, and You-pins.  And if you work a job where you have to wear a badge, the badge clips are boss.  Totally wish I had seen those at the beginning of the school year instead of rocking the awful green nylon one that comes gratis.

Anyway, Anjanette saw a facebook post I wrote a while back about how I was drooling over the hair bands.  Are you on Pinterest?  If you are, I'm sure you've seen all the really cute, kind of hippie-inspired, free spirited, messy hair styles with hair bands.  (Ok, so I'm not the best at describing hair styles.  Click here to see what I mean. So cute, right?)  Anyway, Anjanette noticed me pining over a hair band and sent me one to review.

And guess what?  It is the number one used hair accessory in our house.  Let me show you why:

 This is what I call my "gypsy mama going on a stroller walk" look.  Casual and cute.

The hair band also works for more formal occasions like a wedding.  

Since you can barely see the hair band, here's a close up:
  You wouldn't believe how long it took to get this picture in the car on the way to the wedding!
My hair was exactly the same as one of the brides maids (accidentally, of course) other than she had a hair band with fake pearls.  So yep, definitely cleans up well.
So it works casual or formal, but that's not even the reason why it's worn almost every day.  
Here's why:

The band is adjustable, so at the smallest setting, Lucia gets to have the flower power look!  So cute, right?  She loves it and feels very "bih-tee" in it.  I'm thinking I may have to get another one so I can be one of those annoying matchy-matchy mamas!
Why I (we) love these hair bands:
  • adjustable (obviously)
  • comfortable - since they adjust they are never too tight.  I sometimes get headaches from certain types of head bands, but never this one.
  • come in a bunch of colors/styles
  • reasonably priced (between $17 and $20)
  • sold by independent consultants.  I love the personal service independent consultants provide! 
  • Lilla Rose exchanges items for free for 90 days and guarantees them against defects for a year.
For a fun idea of a hair band updo, check out Anjanette's boho headband tutorial.  I'll also have a tutorial for one of my super simple hair band styles up on Saturday. 

Interested in getting your own hair band, flexi clip, another gorgeous Lilla Rose product?  Visit my Lilla Rose website! And if you want to see some pictures of hair inspiration with Lilla Rose products, check out the "Style Book" album on her Facebook page or find more hair tutorials on her YouTube channel

Independent Consultant Anjanette Barr is sponsoring a giveaway for any Lilla Rose product (up to $16 value).  Click here to go to the giveaway entry page.
I received a hair band to facilitate this review.  I was not required to write a positive review.  Opinions are 100% my own.  See Disclosure Policy


  1. *love* the hair band on your little Lucia!! My three year old wears the same one in pink and it's precious! Thanks for the review, I am excited to bless one of your readers!

  2. I love the hair band and it is neat that it does not give you a headache and it is just enough dressing to not be too fancy, I have seen the flexi but not paid much attention to these bands and I also love the o rings, which are great.

  3. I love the headbands but for some reason they do not work well on my head. I wish they did. I have long hair and would love to be able to pull my hair back with one.

  4. I love to wear a messy pony tail with a headband in the front!

  5. I would love to try a messy bun with the headband in front

  6. I'd probably do a basic ponytail.

  7. I would let my daughter wear a side pony tail with one of these cute head bands.

  8. The hair bands look awesome! Some hair bands bother me but these look like they could have potential! I have long hair now and I hate when it's all up in my face. Thanks for the honest review! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you!

  9. I would use the hair band to push my hair back and out of my face.

  10. Cute! I'd probably try it with a messy bun as well.

  11. Cute! I'd probably wear it with a messy bun as well.

  12. I love that you can use the hair band to pull back your hair and still look dressy.


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