Monday, February 14, 2011

Saint Valentine's Day

As I celebrate my first St. Valentine’s Day as a wife, I want to share the secret of how I met my husband:  I never thought I would try online dating, but after finally escaping a very abusive and very unholy relationship, I realized that I was looking for a man who shared my values and Catholic faith.  Although I can’t guarantee everyone will find their soulmate there, I did (within two weeks of signing up), and I have a friend from my home parish that met her husband there as well.  I’ve also had some friends meet some real weirdos there, so do be careful - not everyone on a Catholic dating site is a practicing or devout Catholic (and just like any other demographic group, Catholicism has some strange characters).  I don’t want to share much of my story here, because I already wrote it and had it published on the CatholicMatch blog.  Click here if you would like to read it.

Of course, CatholicMatch is not paying me to endorse it, they are simply getting good publicity from a very happy customer.  My husband and I are blissfully happy serving the Lord (and one another) through our marriage.  I know a lot of people are reticent about online dating, but it can work!  If CatholicMatch isn’t for you, there are other sites as well.  However, if you are looking for a Catholic spouse, I wouldn’t recommend non-Catholic sites - obviously if someone joined a Catholic site, they are more likely to be a faithful Catholic (although as I mentioned above, that is not always the case).  A friend from my last parish met his wife on AveMariaSingles, so that is another valid option.  There are other Catholic dating sites as well, but I’m not familiar with them.  If you aren’t Catholic, there are many other religious dating sites: Jewish, Christian (both non-denominational and for specific Protestant denominations), the list goes on…

Just a funny little anecdote to add: When I joined CatholicMatch, I accidentally charged it to my parents’ credit card instead of my own.  Thank goodness I had already went on a date with my husband (and thus told my mom about meeting him on the site) before the bill came or I would have gotten quite the interesting phone call from my nosy mother!

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