Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wintry Mix

Due the the storm that seems to be affecting the entire country (my parents in Colorado are experiencing a snow day as well), Indiana seems to be completely shut down today.  David and I attempted to call around to coffee shops to find a place to sit, read, and sip some hot cocoa, but they were all closing early.  It’s crazy to me that stores are closed as well as schools.  We had a wonderful day watching movies and sipping homemade hot cocoa, while I practiced my new-found skill of crocheting.  What a nice day.  I hope that the time at home will continue tomorrow.  I love spending time uninterrupted time with my husband!  I also have enjoyed watching the wintry weather.  It’s so beautiful (yet so distructive) and reminds me of God’s awesome power.

I pray that everyone else caught in this storm stays safe and warm, especially all those that have lost electricity or have to be on the roads for work.

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