Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why I Love My Husband (vol. 2)

  •         We are dogsitting for a friend of mine and my husband is so great with the little puppy.  Kids love him, animals love him, and I firmly believe that they are some of the best indicators of a person’s character.  I could never be with someone that didn’t love animals (especially dogs - don’t you just love dogs?).  He is going to be such a great dad.
  •         He works so hard for our future.  He has been very stressed lately with all the things he has to get done in the next few months (among them a 25 page single-spaced paper for his preliminary exam and a paper for publication, both of which depend on experiments that never quite seem to go as planned).  But he works so hard because he’s creating a great future for us.  And he is truly so passionate about what he does and the potential his findings have for medicine and improving human life.
  •         He doesn’t take his stress out on me (like I seem to do to him when I am stressed).  
  •         He forgives me when I take my stress out on him.
  •         He is such a faithful man.  Every time I turn to look at him in the evenings he’s either A) reading the Bible or B) watching sports (which is an exercise in faith itself, I think, especially since he’s a big Cubs fan).
I got this icon and idea from Kaitlin at More Like Mary - More Like Me.  Read the explanation of why she started it here.

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