Sunday, February 20, 2011

I've grown up: a Catholic Bride becomes a Catholic Newlywed

My blog is now be available at both


Blogger didn't have "Catholic Bride" available, and since I've been married seven months now and "bride" probably no longer applies, I'm now a "Catholic Newlywed"...perhaps I will someday evolve into a simply a "Catholic Wife".  Never fear, if you currently follow me on Tumblr, I'll continue to post my new posts there as well, and for any new followers on Blogger, I archived all my old posts so you don't have to seek them out. 

As to why I made the switch, most of the blogs I read are on Blogger and I appreciate the sense of community that seems to come from sharing a similar platform.  I enjoy Tumblr and will continue to follow my favorite bloggers there as well, but wanted to try a multiplatform approach. 

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