Thursday, December 27, 2012

What {We} Wore: Christmas Edition

Grace, who is hilarious, stylish, and blogs at Camp Patton, is hosting What I Wore on Christmas after her What I Wore to Thanksgiving Dinner was such a success.  Lucia and I couldn't resist the chance to show off our Christmas duds.

Christmas Eve

We went to Mass on Christmas Eve.  Last year we went on Christmas and I haven't quite decided which I like better.  If we go on Christmas Eve, I feel like Christ gets lost amongst the presents of Christmas Day.  I suppose we have a few more years to decide before Lucia is old enough to feel like either way is a tradition.  Anyway, we went on Christmas Eve and had to stand most of the Mass because it was so full (we were in the overflow children's Mass in the gym of my school) but it was lovely to see so many of my students dressed in pretty dresses or dashing in their sweaters.  I teach cute kids.

My family's tradition is to go out to dinner on Christmas Eve and this year we (my parents, mom's parents, brother, and our little family unit) went to Red Lobster.  We aren't Italian at all, but I felt like I was celebrating my imaginary Italian roots eating seafood on Christmas Eve.
 Skirt: unknown | Shirt: Worthington (JC Penney) | Tights: No Nonsense
Jacket: Nordstrom Rack | Shoes: Payless

I've had this skirt and jacket since high school, the shirt and shoes for around five years.  I've never worn them together, but I kind of like this outfit.  I threw it together very quickly after spending the morning, wrapping presents, keeping the baby out of trouble, and baking these pumpkin cheesecake-filled cupcakes.  They were delicious, looked great, and the recipe was very easy to follow.  I had planned to throw on one of my old Christmas dresses but realized at the last minute that none of them are breastfeeding friendly and there was no way we were getting through Mass and dinner without Lucia wanting some mama's milk. 

  Dress: Laura Ashley Mother & Child | Tights: Unknown
Shoes: GenuineKids (Target)

When I originally saw the tag of this dress said "Mother & Child", I assumed that meant there was a matching mom's dress somewhere out there (thank goodness that thing is not in MY closet) but after further googling, it seems that is simply a brand name and the world was not in fact subjected to an adult sized version of this dress.  Lucia had two Christmas dresses this year, one for Christmas Eve and one for Christmas, thanks to garage and consignment sales.  Even with two outfits, we spent less than on her Christmas dress last year (and that was at a steep discount too)!  These dresses are way too cute to only be worn once; I can't wait to give Lucia little sisters!

And because Lucia's Christmas jammies were quite cute, you have to have a peek at 

What {She} Wore Christmas Night:

Bearington Bear Lil Prancer Pajamas (reindeer included)

Aren't they seriously timeless Christmas pajamas? They were left on our doorstep by a dear friend.

Christmas Day

We spent Christmas morning in pajamas.  My grandparents joined us for our traditional Christmas brunch (tamales, eggs, hash browns, refried beans, holiday breads) and we opened presents.  Then all of us (except my brother) drove two hours to my in-law's for Christmas dinner.  It was nice to have both sides of our family together.  There were thirteen of us total, including one set of grandparents each (we are so lucky to still have grandparents in our lives and in the life of our daughter).  We were having so much fun that I didn't get an "outfit" picture, but we did get a few of our little family.
Shirt: Express | Slacks: Loft
Earrings: Claire's
Lucia wouldn't set her shoe down for the picture. Nor would she smile. But she's not wailing, so we call it a win.

These were in my stocking.  David and I fill the other's stockings (my parents always did that and I think it's a sweet tradition) and he did great this year.  I love these!

  Dress: Luli & Me | Tights: Gymboree
Shoes: GenuineKids (Target)

 Do you remember this post?  The one where I told you I got this $120 dress new with tags for only $1.50?  No?  Well, you better go check it out.  I also got these gingerbread(wo)man tights that weekend too.  Because they are, like, so cute, but so not worth paying full price to wear once.  To make them worth full price, we would have to have ten daughters who wear them every day for two weeks leading up to Christmas. 

Will someone inform me why my daughter likes playing with her shoes more than the 3,724 brand new toys she got for Christmas?
Last Sunday of Advent
Technically shouldn't be part of this post at all, however, I took a picture of my outfit on Sunday but with the madness of Christmas preparations, it  never up.  So here's a bonus outfit, because I know you are dying for more.
  Dress: Lauren Conrad (Kohl's) | Tights: Simply Vera (Kohl's)
Boots: Bare Traps | Headband: Francesca's | Necklace: Premier Designs


  1. Ah! Lucia's Christmas dress is precious. I just love those little "cupcake" dresses they have for little girls!!

    1. Trying to pick clothes for little girls is overwhelming because EVERYTHING IS SO CUTE!

  2. Lucia is adorable and you look great yourself! I was just eying that LC dress from Kohls online - I love how you styled it!

    1. Thanks! I think half of the clothes I've bought in the past year has been Lauren Conrad!


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