Friday, September 20, 2013

#7QT: Some Faves Around the Web

Why does Jenna always have the best ideas?  Last week she asked readers to write blog post titles for her and then will be writing posts to go with those titles.  Next month I'm going to be out of town for three weeks without much opportunity to blog so this sounds like a perfect way to gets some post ideas to schedule ahead of time.  So if there is something you'd like to see me write about, leave a blog post title for me in the comments.  Or if you're cruel, you could leave something like, "A Blue Dog Ate My Giraffe's Sweater" and wait for the terrible post that would produce.

I made a blog post request of my own recently, asking Christie to write a post on Catholic literature suggestions.  If you've read her blog, Everything to Someone, you know that she is quite the literature expert.  I've been hearing quite a bit about Flannery O'Connor and Evelyn Waugh (can anyone tell me how to pronounce that?) recently and how they are essential Catholic reading.  Well, I have never read them and I was wondering what other quintessential Catholic literature I've been missing out on.  If you're wondering the same, check out Christie's guest post.  I was surprised that I'd actually read a few books on the list and enjoyed them greatly, so I'm quite confident that the rest will be equally as fantastic.

Monday was my mom's birthday.  Our birthdays are exactly six months apart and this year, on her birthday I was exactly half her age.  Exactly the age she was when I was born.  I've been part of her life (ex-utero) for half her life.  It was kind of crazy to think through all that and the meaning behind it.  My dad's birth day was Wednesday (same year, he's two days younger than my mom) so it was kind of the same thing with him, but for some reason more poignant with my mom.  Probably just because we're both women and mothers, but also there was something about me being the first child, the one that made her a mother.  I'm still pondering through it all.

I adored this post I try to make an effort to look everyone in the eye, to use words of gratitude whenever I can, and to smile at everyone I come into contact with.  I'm not always successful - sometimes I have bad days and am grumpy - but it's so important to me.  Some people treat some people in our communities as invisible.  I've worked those jobs before.  I could work them again someday.  My family members work those jobs.  But you know what?  Even if I had never and will never be in that position, it's important to treat each person with dignity and respect.  If my children grow up to understand this, I will feel as if I've succeeded.

Advent is still a while away, and I never think this far in advance, but this Jesse Tree exchange is forcing me to.  I've never "done" a Jesse Tree before, but I've been interested and Lucia's getting old enough that we can do some of these traditions in our house.  I saw an exchange like this last year and while I'm a little intimidated about making 32 ornaments, 32 of the same ornament is way better than 32 unique ones.  Plus, I love the excitement of seeing all the different styles and talent!  So, if you are interested in starting this tradition or need a new set or ornaments, check out the exchange deets and let Michelle know you are interested.  We can only make it happen if we get 32 people to participate!

I loved these pictures of old crime scenes superimposed on modern pictures.    They are beautifully done and I think they speak to the fact that humanity, even the ugly parts of it, is much the same in every age.
    (& 8 & 9)

    Hmmm...many more things to say and only one more quick take.  So let me make this a stream of consciousness.   Last night, Lucia and I went to a local concert with Stacy while our husbands did "man's group" together at their church.  Lucia, who ate practically nothing yesterday, scarfed the snack I brought and so I bought her her first hot dog ever and she ate the whole thing!  Then she woke up at the crack of dawn this morning because she wanted to "Eat! Eat!"  That girl... Last week, Kelley stopped by when in town.  It's always a little strange to meet an online friend in person, but it's so nice to have a voice and mannerisms to go with a blog.  And she's so sweet... Read this post by Haley.  Just do.

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    1. It's "ee-valyn". Long E. Last name is pronounced like "Whoa" :)

    2. I'm always surprised that no one (that I've seen) has written a post about "Nursing in the sanctuary: yay or nay" (or something along those lines). It sort of comes up in the WIWS posts but I'm curious to actually hear what people have to say about going to the cry room (if available) or just feeding the baby during Mass and why. I just googled it to see if I could find any posts, and all I got was a heated Catholic Answers forum:

    3. I *think* that British people pronounce Waugh the same way they say "war". But of course, it sounds ridiculous if I try to do it. So I like S's suggestion better :)

    4. See? This is one of those posts I missed! Glad I caught this before I missed too much :) grumble grumble feed readers grumble


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