Friday, November 15, 2013

Books (again): Sharin' the Shelves

Two book posts in one day?  Both linked to Modern Mrs. Darcy?  Well, of course, she does do book best.  And only a week after announcing I wasn't going to be blogging much.  Well, this post didn't take that much effort, just a few snap snaps of the ol' camera and a toss of the memory card into the computer.  And, you know what?  I just couldn't pass up this opportunity to share my bookshelves.  I'm only blogging when I want to blog now, and I guess I want to blog more than I thought I would.  

Anyway, a peek into our bookshelves:

Most of our books are still sitting in my parents basement.  They just didn't make the last move.  Most of those books are ones that I have read and loved and am keeping forever.  The books I did bring were the ones I haven't read, nearly all non-fiction, mostly parenting and religious books.  Glancing over the books in the shelf, I would say, I haven't read at least 80% of them, maybe more.  So you can get an idea of what I think I would like or should read, but not really what I do like or enjoyed.  Still think it paints a pretty accurate picture of me.

Onwards to the more fun bookshelf:

We did bring all of Lucia's books, although I had to take many of the "big kid" books out and store them in her closet because there just wasn't room (and the girl's not yet two!).  See the top shelf?  Those beauties are my favorite.  My dad had his dad's old Childcraft books, but they were recently damaged in a flood and the insurance company sent them a new set, but not quite as old.  Bummer.  But still pretty neat.  The "treasury" book in the middle was my favorite book as a child - traditional versions of fairy tales and fables, and excerpts from children's classics.  The skinny paperbacks are the Catholic Treasure Box Set that I got for a steal at a church book sale.  So excited to crack those open with Lucia.  (St. Lucia doll was a gift from my friend Kendra who purchased it from the Frassencraft etsy shop.)

The bottom shelves are board books and fabric books, many of which  were mine as a child.  That second shelf is a little bare because Lucia sleeps in our room so many of her bedtime favorites permanently reside there.

Our nightstand has become a bookshelf of it's own with some of my current and "in the queue" books, as well as some daily reads (prayer/reflection books) and Lucia's favorite children's books (or mine, like Madeline).
Do you believe you can figure out a person by the books she reads?  If so, what do my books say about me?  Won't you share your shelves?


  1. I love looking at other people's bookshelves. I'd say your current bookshelves show that your priorities are faith and family - and also that we have the same taste in books so far :)

  2. I am SWOONING over the Childcraft set and the Lucia doll! That's horrible about the damage, but the new set does look beautiful on the shelves.

    Thanks for sharing your shelves with us!


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