Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This week, I'm thankful for..

...our new church.  When we joined our new parish this summer, it was in the process of building a beautiful new church.  This past weekend, the first Masses were celebrated there and I was overwhelmed by the classical beauty of our church.  The Saint statues that lined the sides, the traditional altar perfectly prepared for Latin Masses, the columns and classic architecture.  I am most thankful for the altar rail, where I was able to receive the Eucharist on my knees, humbled before the Lord.  To read more about what our parish community means to us (and to see what I wore) see my What I Wore Sunday post over at Fine Linen and Purple.

...our local libraries.  I requested a dozen (or more) Thanksgiving/thankfulness books for Lucia and I to read together this month.  This is my first attempt to do something season/topic inspired with her.  Not sure if she'll be into it yet, but I have to start sometime.  If we find some favorites, I might just have to write a post sharing them but in the meantime, check out Molly's list of books for Thanks-vember.

...feeling the creative bug.  I'm hoping to get to the craft store to buy some supplies for a few December crafts.  The three I am planning: a paper link advent wreath (in liturgically appropriate colors), a St. Lucia crown, and biblical/saint peg dolls.  I'm 100% certain I can successfully do the paper links (we've been doing those since preschool, right?), fairly sure about the St. Lucia crown, and hopefully optimistic but somewhat scared about the peg dolls.  I can be crafty at times, but not very artistic.  Do you have any crafts you are working on or have in the queue?

...books!  I'm reading For Better Forever, Worthy: See Yourself as God Does, My Name is Mary Sutter, and Haley's soon-to-be released ebook, Feast! Real Food, Reflections, and Simple Living for the Christian Year.  Save your pennies up, folks, because Feast! is good.  So good.  I've never really done much to celebrate the liturgical year at home, but it was a goal of mine this upcoming year and Feast! makes it seem less daunting and more doable.  If you want to see what I've recently finished, you can check out my book reviews in 140 words or less or even snoop on my bookshelves.

...my almost two-year-oldI'm so proud of the loquacious, kind, and creative young person Lucia is becoming.  I'm also thankful for good friends to celebrate her birthday with us.  She's going to be having a Mickey Mouse party - just a simple affair at the house, but I'm super excited!  We were going back and forth about doing it at all because our place is small and we can't plan a party in a park in December, but we decided to just do it here.  I had looked into rec centers but it was a bit pricey and David wanted to be able to offer beer to the adult guests (I think he's looking forward to it as an adult get together while kids just happen to be playing underfoot). 

...almost finishing my holiday shopping.  I have/ordered Lucia's St. Nicholas presents, name day present, and Christmas gifts for all the children in our family/friends.  I still have to find something for most of the adults.  This year I've been trying very hard to patronize small businesses, especially work-at-home moms.  For some small business gift ideas, check out this post.

...friends to spend Thanksgiving with.  This will be the 3rd (out of 4) Thanksgiving since we've been married that we've spend away from family.  It's still difficult to be so far away, but we've started to think of Thanksgiving as a time to spend with good friends and and Christmas as a family holiday.  This year, we are going to the home of one of David's coworkers.  We are so blessed by a wonderful community through David's school.

...my Lilla Rose customers.  When I signed up to be a consultant in July, my goal was to make enough money to sponsor a child in an impoverished country.  In my first month of selling, I made enough to sponsor for two months, went on Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, and decided to sponsor an elderly person instead.  I now sponsor Juan Jose, an 86 year old living in Ecuador who enjoys helping to raise his grandsons.  If you know a woman or little girl who would love some new hair pretties for Christmas, check out my Lilla Rose page and help me help Juan Jose. 

...the warm weather.  It will be a little cooler today, but the last few days have been shorts and sun dress weather!  In mid November!  I miss many things about Colorado (and many people there) but the weather?  Don't miss that at all! 


  1. (This week, I'm thankful for..) I am very thankful for the birth of my first grandchild born this year. I am a first time grandmother!

  2. Lucia is such a ham! Her facial expressions are hilarious!! It's weird this is the first year that we'll be with people for thanksgiving and christmas which hasn't happenned in at least 5-10 years! Christmas people are coming to our house. I'm super excited!

  3. She is just so beautiful. So absolutely beautiful. :)

    What a wonderful list of things to be thankful for. I'm so glad you found a parish to call home, and I admit being excited about the warmer weather we've been having, too (well, until today, anyway).



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