Saturday, November 30, 2013

Religious Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

The ideas below are meant to inspire you with some religious ideas for toddler stocking stuffers.  Many are generic ideas, but are linked to specific products simply to make it easier for you to find examples of those items.  (It can be very frustrating to get a great idea from a blog and then have a hard time looking it up yourself!)  Even if you love a specific item, you might want to look around for it elsewhere to price compare.  I've linked to a variety of stores depending on where I first found the idea, but most items, unless they are handcrafted/etsy products, can be found elsewhere.  Speaking of price, the price range on these items greatly varies, from a few dollars to over twenty.  In my family growing up, stocking stuffers were usually low-priced items (we got lots of toiletries) but some families like to include a more expensive "main gift" as part of the stocking, so I thought I would add anything that seemed "stocking sized". 

There are a few DIY ideas below linked to tutorials, however, for the crafty reader, you may be able to make your own versions of many of the suggested ideas.  Some ideas are Catholic specific, but many others would work for all Christians.  At the bottom I list some ideas for coloring books, board books, and picture books just to give you some ideas, there are, of course, more great religious Christmas and Christian books than I can list.  (Some may be too big for stockings, but I'll leave that to your discretion.)

If you have any additional ideas, won't you leave them in the comments for others to benefit from?  That said, make sure you check the comments for more great ideas!

14. Saint magnets (thanks, Sarah)

15. Noah's Ark bandaids

16. Wood lacing toys

17. Tiny Saints (thanks,  Liz)

18. Saint felties

19. bag to bring books/toys to church

20. Brother Francis DVDs

21. Saint DVDs

22. CD of kids Christmas music

23. Noah's Ark Matching Game

24. A rosary case (toddlers love putting things in & out & in & out...) (thanks, Alix)

25. Color and Hug Nativity 

26. Color and Hug St. Nicholas

27. Noah's Ark stickers

28. Shining Light Dolls

29. religious hair bows

30. Happy Saints tokens (DIY)

31. religious ornament

32. Saint alphabet blocks (DIY)

33. Story Stix

34. Days of Creation Stacking & Nesting blocks

coloring/activity books

35. Holy Heroes coloring books

36. God is Wonderful coloring book

37. Peanuts Christmas Activity Sticker Book (thanks, Rakhi)

38. Wipe Clean Bible Story activity book

39. Christmas coloring book

40. Let's Sing to the King activity book

board books:

41. A Christmas Prayer (thanks, Rakhi)

42. any of the St. Joseph board books

43. any books by Maite Roche

44. The Story of Christmas

45. The Story of Christmas (a different one)

46. The Special Baby

47. Just in Case You Ever Wonder

48. The Legend of the Candy Cane

49. any of the Maggie Swanson board books

50. What Did Baby Jesus Do?

51. Lion Misses Breakfast: Daniel and the Lion (and other Bible Animal Board Books)

52. Merry Creature Christmas

53. A Walk on the Waves

 54. Room for a Little One

55. Tell Me the Christmas Story

56. Really Woolly Bedtime Prayers

57. My Day with Jesus

58. The Legend of the Christmas Tree

picture books:

59. Danny Celebrates Advent

60. An Alphabet of Catholic Saints

61. Little Golden Books The Christmas Story

 62. Little Golden Books The Animals' Christmas Eve

63. The Donkey's Dream

64. any of the Arch books (thanks, Mo)

If you have written a similar post of religious gift ideas (for any age) and want me to include the link here, leave the link in the comments and I'll add it here.


  1. Great ideas Mandy! You need to do one of these for Easter too!

  2. We have Room for a Little One! Beautiful book!

  3. Some of my little ones received Shining Light Dolls from St. Nick this year and they are really a great idea! Also, the chunky, wooden rosary is awesome...until it's used as a weapon (intentional or not!). ;)


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