Thursday, November 21, 2013

Yes, we're talking about Christmas cards, but only because I want to give you some! {$150 Minted Giveaway}

I'm sorry, I don't like to start into Christmas before Thanksgiving but I have a giveaway, so maybe you'll forgive me???  This year Lucia will be two for Christmas and much more aware so I want to make sure that we start the tradition of observing Advent, a season of expectation and preparation before Christmas.  In order to appropriately do that, I want to get the Christmas "chores" done ahead of time - the shopping and the logistics - so that we can spend those four weeks focused on family and faith.  No hustle and bustle.  No consumerism.  No holiday stress.

One of the to-dos I have to cross off before Advent starts is Christmas cards. will be helping me help one of you cross that off your list as well with a giveaway for $150 Minted credit.

Minted is one of my favorite photo card websites because everything is absolutely gorgeous and very high quality.  I got Lucia's first birthday invitations from Minted as well as the decorations for my sister-in-law's baby shower and I will be getting my Christmas cards this year there as well.  Let me show a few of my favorites so you see why Minted is a go-to for our family events:

I only use religious cards and it's fairly hard to find them on photo card sites.  Or if you can find them, they usually aren't very attractive.  All of Minted's cards are aesthetically pleasing and there are several religious options!

There are even non-photo cards if you weren't able to get the kids to pose for that that perfect family picture this year:

Ok, now let me tell you about the feature that makes me the most excited ever for Christmas cards this year: Yearline.  

It's like a Christmas letter with your highlights for the year, but with pictures.  So basically, I don't have to decide between all the darling pictures I've taken of Lucia this past year.  Well, I still have to decide, but I don't have to choose only one. 

If you are planning a holiday party, Minted also has gorgeous invitations, decorations, and the like.  Glancing through it all, I want so badly to host a little holiday shindig.  With Lucia's birthday so close to Christmas, I kind of doubt I'll be doing December holiday parties in the future, but when we get a bigger home, I'll definitely think about a New Year's or Epiphany party in early January. 

Now that you have a little taste of what you can win, click here to be directed to the entry page.  Good luck!


  1. I love Minted! Thanks Mandi :-)

  2. The link is not working for me. Any suggestions?

    1. Emily, I'm so sorry, the link is working for me. Could you try again and let me know?

    2. I tried again. The new tab opens but nothing loads. I've tried in both Chrome & Firefox with the same result :(

    3. Maybe try this link: ?


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