Wednesday, November 13, 2013

When Our Good and Holy Plans Fall Through...

I have a guest post today over at my friend Haley's blog, Carrots for Michaelmas.  She is at the tail end of preparing an ebook for release.  The book is titled  Feast! Real Food, Reflections, and Simple Living for the Christian YearDoesn't that just sounds amazing?  As someone who has never really done much to celebrate feast days or liturgical season in the home, I am excited to have one resource to carry me throughout the year. 

While she's busy with that endeavor, I'm honored to guest post for her once again:
I thought I woke up every morning willing to do God’s will.  I made choices that others questioned (like marrying young and starting our family early – both without much money in the bank, giving up grad school for life as a stay-at-home mom) but I did so willingly and with great joy because I believed they were God’s will for my life.
But not really.  You see, they were also my will for my life.  My plans.  My desires.  They just so happened to line up with God’s will for me.  I completely ignored (or perhaps, more aptly, was blind to) the fact that these things were easy for me to do because I wanted them as well.  Sure, they didn’t line up with society’s expectations so I did get some flak for them, but they lined up with my expectations.  I always wanted to be a wife and mother, a stay-at-home mom in specific, so even though these choices were questioned by some, they were the fulfillment of my childhood dreams.  They made me happy.
But what happens when God’s will doesn’t match my own?  What happens when the path God lays before me brings sorrow and suffering instead of happiness?  Am I still willing to follow Him then?...continue reading at Carrots for Michaelmas

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  1. What a beautiful post, Mandi. I do know what you mean. I was sure we'd have a large family and I'd be a stay-at-home mom and neither of those things have happened, but I do see God's hand in everything that has happened and feel especially blessed. I am even grateful for our infertility because it led us to adopt our two amazing sons. I am keeping you and your family in my prayers as you grieve not getting to meet (yet) your baby in heaven.


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