Thursday, January 3, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday: New Year's Resolutions

If you missed it, I recently had a complete blog redesign (since my last "Quick Takes" two weeks ago), including a new name and domain.  This used to be "Catholic Newlywed" but I'm not longer a newlywed (yep, still Catholic!).  It just didn't "fit" our life anymore.  I've been promising a post explaining the change and why I chose the new name, but I think it's pretty self explanatory, so that post may never actually materialize.  Don't worry, all the past posts are still here, I'm still the same blogger, just got a new name and fancy new look!  

Anyway, on to my Quick Takes.  This week, I'm posting my New Year's Resolutions.  Instead of being really specific and eventually being really upset that I failed, my resolutions are taking two forms this year: what I want to do MORE and what I want to do LESS

--- 1 ---

Read MORE.

In addition to just reading more, my goal is for every other book to be specifically aimed at improving my in my vocation as wife and mother.  Books on faith, parenting, how-tos, and managing a household all fit perfectly into that category.  Although you can make the argument that fun beach reads (or even classics or war history) can improve my life (and they certainly do) they don't have direct impact on my vocation, so they have to be put in the "other" 50%. 

--- 2 ---

Exercise MORE.

--- 3 ---

Pray MORE.

In addition: Pray the Rosary every day. Get to adoration once in a while (I believe I went all of 0 times last year.  Eek!).

--- 4 ---

Spend MORE time with family.

This means actual time and attention, not just being in the same room while I'm on the computer or watching TV together.  

--- 5 ---

Be MORE social.

I was given the enormous gift of moving home closer to many old friends (and making some new ones) but I've continued to be quite the hermit.  Attempt to spend time on at least one friends a week, whether getting together, talking on the phone, or writing her a letter.

--- 6 ---

Get MORE organized.

--- 7 ---

LESS social media.
(As I write this post on my blog and will promote it on Facebook and Twitter.)  No more than four blog posts a week (quality, not quantity).  If there is something of higher priority that needs to be done, the computer is OFF. Did you get that? More social, less social media.  Funny how those are opposites, huh?

Many prayers for Jen & thanks to Hallie for hosting!


  1. The teacher in me is wanting to make a t chart for your resolutions. And a check off chart so you can track your progress :>

  2. Love, love, love your redesign, Mandi!! I'm with you on the daily rosary resolution...I'll say a prayer for consistency and much fruit for you and me both. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's!

  3. Your new blog name is great! And brave. I couldn't admit to that because I'm still in denial. It's all rainbows, sunshine and clean kitchens over here. Well, at least when I'm daydreaming. ;-)


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