Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Take 76)

--- 1 ---

David got another job rejection yesterday.  We're having a hard time at the moment.  We tried really hard not to get our hopes up, but we just couldn't help it.  Prayers would be so appreciated.

--- 2 ---

What are you best organizing tips for small spaces?  (Are there any blogs that focus on this?)  We were very blessed by many lovely Christmas presents, but don't seem to have room for them all (we really didn't have enough room as it was before).  There just doesn't seem to be space for everything and while I could probably get rid of a few things, there are so many items that we will definitely use and need when we get our own place someday that we can't part with.

--- 3 ---

I've been working on streamlining my online experience.  Unsubscribing from email lists. Unsubscribing from blogs that I never read.  I'm working on consolidating my 5 email addresses into just two (one for the blog and one personal).  I feel like I just get SO sidetracked when I get online and I really need to focus on getting whatever I need to do done so I can get back to my family and responsibilities. 

--- 4 ---

Along the same lines as the previous quick take, I really liked this article on five simple steps for choosing your kids over your phone. It includes a really cute tutorial for "Ned the iPhone Monster" made out of a tissue box.  I don't have an iPhone so my phone's rarely a problem, but my Kindle Fire certainly is (wonder if that will fit in Ned?)

--- 5 ---

It's been a fairly quiet blog week.  It's my first week back to school after Christmas break and it's really kicking my butt.  On Monday, my legs were nearly as tired as they were on the very first day of school.  I guess I quickly get out of the habit of standing all day.  Anyway, I was able to get up a sponsor spotlight on Gina, who blogs at My Broken Fiat.  She's an awesome faithful lady, you should definitely check out her post. 

--- 6 ---

Apparently, the domain used to be a porn site.  Awful, huh?  I guess some readers couldn't get here because it was blocked at their work as "porn".  A fellow blogger found this place where you could see screenshots of domains in the past and yep, definitely porn.  I had a request to change the rating of the blog from "pornography" to "lifestyle" so hopefully that goes through soon.  It makes my skin crawl to think that my blog is even remotely related to porn.  But as blogger friend Amanda said, "That sucks that it used to be porn, but hooray for reclaiming it for a MUCH better purpose!"

--- 7 ---

"Isn't she precious?" says a mama totally in love with her little one.

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Hope you're continuing to improve, Jen!


  1. I've been keeping you and David in my list of Mass intentions, especially for his job search, but I'll move y'all to the top of the queue! God willing, something comes along soon, and the Holy Spirit strengthens you in the meantime! :-)

    1. Thank you! We've been really hopeful about it all, but this last rejection has us a bit depressed. I appreciate the prayers!

  2. Yes, Miss Lulu is incredibly precious.

    Sorry about the job situation. We went through that 3 years ago and it was awful.

    1. Thanks Jen. I suppose we should have been prepared for this but part of the difficulty is that we were expecting David to find a job within 6 months. It's been eight months and there aren't any possibilities in sight. He is hoping to hear back from a fellowship but won't get any news until at least April. Waiting is rough!

  3. I am praying for the job search! 2009-2010 was nothing but unemployment and medical bills for us, so I know how despairing it can be. However, I am laughing probably more than I ought to over the whole reclaimed-porn-site thing. People constantly come to my site looking for "the invocation of the angel of wealth" (I aspire to a Franciscan life, so I don't know what they're thinking!) but that doesn't nearly compare to people stumbling upon one's Catholic blog whilst searching for porn!

    1. I think I will be laughing about the domain for a while now. I really hope a few men try to return to their favorite site and find me instead. Maybe it will make them rethink their plans!

  4. I'm sorry to hear about #6 and #1, but I'm glad you were able to fix your website and I'll definitely say a prayer this morning for your husband's job search!

  5. I'll say a prayer for David's job search! I know how frustrating that must be and how difficult it can be to trust.

    For small spaces, I'm still figuring things out too, but I try to use vertical space well, like adding risers inside my cabinets, stacking a little set of drawers on top of a cubby, disguising the fact that I have too many books and knick knacks by attempting to artfully stack and display them on the coffee table =)

  6. I'll be sure to send up some extra prayers for David's job search.
    As for organizing small spaces, I can't say I live in a particularly small space, but i have found it helpful to simply limit the number of toys that are out at any one time. I have one toy box (for toys) and one smallish basket for books in our living room. I only put out what will fit in those two spaces out at any one time and store the rest in the basement. When I notice that Joseph is getting bored with his toys/books I switch them out. For larger toys, we're lucky to have space to keep (most of) them out all the time. Although, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to do a little rearranging when I bring out the swing for baby #2 and possibly store one or more of Joseph's larger toys (basketball goal, rocking chair, rocking horse, etc).

  7. I'm so sorry about the job situation. Something better will come along, it's the Lord's way of making sure that happens, but in the meantime, that sucks. Prayers to you and David :)

  8. So sorry about your hubs job situation. Mike is on a job hunt right now, and I hate how stressed he is. I just wish I could do it for him :( Also, I love #3 & 4. I need to do that as well. Also, if you get a lot of good tips for organizing a small space, will you post about it? Thanks!

  9. As I said in the FB group, I know all too well what it's like with David's job search, and am thinking of you guys and praying that this is all over soon.

    Small spaces--you might take a look at Katie's had a teeny little apartment in Germany (where everything is differently sized than in the US) and just finished building a home in the loft of an airplane hangar! She has some good ideas about paring down and storage.

    And I'm very glad the p0rn situation has been resolved! You got a shoutout on James' (waywardson) new blog today re: that!

  10. We're praying for a new job too. I am so with you and keeping you in prayer.

    #6, that is disturbing! I'm so glad you're redeemed the site!

    Your little one is darling.

  11. Praying for your husband's job search.

    As far as the porn site thing...I have to say I love the idea of some poor misguided fellow going through his old bookmarks and seeing that it's now a Catholic woman's blog. Perhaps you'll change some hearts!

  12. Aww, Lucia is so adorable! =) Praying for you and David and the job hunt!


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