Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Guest Post at NFP and Me: When Contraception Fails

On Saturday afternoon, I was trying to nap when Lucia was napping and started thinking about the reactions women get to "unexpected" pregnancies.  Which made me think about how society views contraception as fail-proof.  Which made me sad.  I sad down and wrote probably one of the fastest posts I've ever written, and since it's a little outside the realm of my regular topics, I sent it off to Kate at NFP and Me to see if she was interested in posting it.  It's up at her blog today, so obviously she found some merit in it.  Here's a sneak peak:

I recently noticed that when a woman announces an “accidental” pregnancy while using some form of contraception it is assumed that she did something wrong that caused the contraception failure.  You know the arguments.  She must have forgotten to take a pill or took it at the wrong time of day; she didn’t wait long enough after her hormonal injection for it to take effect, etc.  I have yet to hear the assumption that a contraception method failed WITHOUT USER ERROR.  But the fact is, no form of contraception works 100% of the time even when used 100% correctly...continue reading at NFP and Me

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