Monday, January 14, 2013

January Sponsor Spotlight: Meet Some Lovely Ladies

Check out these lovely ladies who sponsored Messy Wife, Blessed Life this month:
Meet Kelley.
Vocational wife. Professional nurse.  
Temporary student. Amateur writer/photographer/chef.

We've had an exciting marriage so far living in 4 different states and 2 countries since our wedding day.  You can read more about our adventures at home and on the road plus book and movie reviews, recipes, and a hodge-podge of other faith-based thoughts.

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Meet Kaia.
Orphan. China doll. Beautiful green eyes
Up for adoption. Reece's Rainbow.

Kaia is a Reece's Rainbow orphan in Eastern Europe.  Her Hepatitis C status means that if she's not adopted, she'll be headed to an adult mental institution instead of to preschool.  This blog is dedicated to finding her a mama so that we can get her to the US or Canada to seek treatment and have a life full of possibilities instead.

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Meet Amanda.
 Daughter of God. Hardcore Catholic. Youth Minister. 

I’m passionate about the Catholic faith, ministry to teens, young adults and women in particular, finding God everywhere, and blogging/writing.  On a day off, chances are that you can find me somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, soaking in God’s created world, or plotting my next road trip to see yet another cathedral.  My blog is about all of my passions and reminding people that we are all worthy of God’s unconditional (Agape) love!

Meet Lilla Rose consultant Anjanette Barr.
Beautiful, Comfortable, Unique Hair Jewelry.

Lilla Rose sells hair accessories for all types and lengths of hair. The most popular item is the patented Flexi Clip, which is made from music wire and other quality materials to comfortably hold your beautiful hair all day.

Meet Emily.
Almost-married. Almost-Catholic. 
Software employee & grad student. Runner & Golfer.

My blog is about wedding planning, dieting, conversion, and training for my half marathon all at the same time!


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  1. Hey Mandi! Great set of sponsors! :)

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