Friday, January 18, 2013

Ramblings & My Favorite Recent Reads

(feel free to skip my ramblings)

I know that I've shared previously on this blog my dream of writing a book, but it's been a while and probably only 30 people even knew my blog existed at that time.  Anyway, it's a huge dream for me.  I'm not really sure what kind of book I would like to write, but maybe fiction, or maybe a memoir, or maybe a non-fiction book about the treatment of Mexicans in newly US territory after the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo.  (I published a paper on the topic in undergrad and find it fascinating, plus I have ancestors that fit in that category.)  

Anyway, this post isn't really to discuss my literary ambitions.  The fact is, I might not ever get to that place, because I can't even think about what to write on this little ol' blog.  I have about twenty half-written blog posts in my drafts, but none of them are really calling to me to be finished today.  I can't think of anything interesting that's going on in my life that would spark a blog post, except for the fact that David got another job rejection recently and I already filled my quota of depressing, un(der)employed, financial stress posts for the next decade with this one

So instead, I'm going to some of favorite recent internet reads.  Enjoy!

Recent blog loves:

I was recently asked to share my favorite fashion bloggers.  My two favorites, and the only ones I follow with any regularity, are Kendi Everyday and The Evangelista.  They are both modest (The Evangelista is Catholic and her blog is an even mix of Catholicism and fashion - and you thought the two didn't mix!) and wear items that I can actually see myself wearing (nothing too outlandish).  I also love to find inspiration from Fine Linen and Purple's weekly What I Wore Sunday link-up and this list of Catholic Fashion Bloggers.

My child, I love you. - One of my favorite blogs, it's a beautiful and inspiring portrait of motherhood (with seven children, there's a lot of blogging material!).

Wellness Mama - David and I (well, and Lucia by proxy) are embarking on the "Perfect Health Diet" - no sugar, no carbs except white rice and potatoes, no processed foods - and Wellness Mama is a huge resource for recipe ideas and health information.  Aside from food, she also has great DIY non-toxic cleaners and health product posts.

The OT Mama - I case you were wondering, OT stands for Occupational Therapist, not off topic, which is what I always think when I first see it.  She hasn't updated her blog in a while, but The OT Mama Facebook page is a "must like".  She's always posting interesting articles and products and activity ideas for little ones.  I love when her posts pop up in my news feed.

Favorite recent posts:

Borderline Crunch at Cartwheels and Windmills - totally could relate to accidentally becoming a crunchy mama.

Falling down the stairs to meet Mary at From the Heart - love pieces like this that help me relate to the Saints in everyday ways.

Love Languages at She Breathes Deeply - Mandy's thoughtful post on motherhood and lovely description of her daughter.  Posts like these are why I first started following her (and she was one of the first bloggers I followed) and she just doesn't write enough for my liking these days.

Preach always. If necessary, use words. at Elizabeth Ester. Who doesn't love a good conversion story? This post includes two! Plus some wisdom for those of us who long for the conversion of our loved ones.

Other places on the internet:

Is Sensory Processing Disorder the New Black? - Super interesting article about the effects of diet on children.  Discovered it through The OT Mama (see above).

Special Team - A few months old, I just stumbled upon this article.  These young men fight the stereotype that teenaged boys (and especially jocks) are jerks.  They are anything but.

Can Forgiveness Play a Role in Criminal Justice? - The Evangelista linked to this piece.  I'll admit, I rarely read an entire article this long (what can I say, I'm busy), but the level of forgiveness it portrays is captivating.  Would you forgive your daughter's murderer? Would you fight to get him a reduced sentence?


  1. Great collection and great commentary - did you let them know you linked here? You should! I bet they'd be really happy to hear what nice things you've said about their work. :)


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