Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What I Wore New Year's Eve

I've really enjoyed linking up my holiday outfits, so early this evening I asked around to see who was hosting What I Wore New Year's Eve.  Turns out, no one was, but Katie graciously offered to take the helm and we have a link-up after all.  Without further ado...

Skirt: Mudd | Jacket: Mudd
Purple Skinnies: Loft | Heels: Guess

When I bought these purple skinnies, they were such a good deal I couldn't pass them up (only $10! from Loft!) but I wasn't sure I would wear them often.  Nope, wear them ALL. THE. TIME.  When I opened this shirt as a Christmas present from my aunt, I knew I had to devise some New Year's Eve activity so I could wear it.  With sequins, it was just screaming New Year's Eve.  I bought this jacket at Kohl's a few days ago (less than $5!) and never imagined wearing it with my skinnies.  But one of my favorite fashion bloggers The Evangelista has been raving about monochromatic outfits recently and I thought I would give it a try.  I'm actually kind of smitten with this outfit and only wish I had more excuses to wear it.

David has to work at 4:30 am tomorrow, so we went to Mass tonight.  I love the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God for so many reasons.  As a mother, I find myself clinging to the Blessed Mother in difficult times.  I love starting a New Year at the feet of the Mother of Our Lord.  And last year, our baby girl was baptized on this Holy Day of Obligation.  I also adore singing the many lovely songs dedicated to Our Mother.  We sang one of my favorites today, Hail Mary, Gentle Woman, but there are so, so many more.  (Who doesn't love "Breath of Heaven"?)

To tone this down a little bit for Mass, I wore my flats (Merona).

After Mass, we dropped the babe off with my parents and headed out for dinner and I slipped into my heels. 
 I absolutely love these.  I got them as my bridesmaid shoes for my sister-in-law's wedding and they are just amazing.  Not the most comfortable, but I get a million compliments on them.  Beauty is pain, right?

Anyway, after several attempts to go to dinner were thwarted by the dreaded words "reservations only", we finally found a place with a one hour wait.  We were out way later than we planned.  Poor David will only get about four and a half hours sleep if he's lucky.  I hope it was worth the great date night.  It reminds me of our first New Year's together, which also happened to be our first married New Year's.  We went do an early bird dinner and then snuggled up together to watch the ball drop.  I don't really remember what we did last year, but we were staying here visiting my parents.  Having a newborn and putting on a baptism party that day, I'm positive we didn't stay up until midnight.  

 Lucia had a little too much of the bottle tonight, and like many New Year's celebrators, she passed out.
She didn't make it to midnight.  Didn't even make it to nine o'clock.


  1. I looooove Marian hymns too.

    And there was a gal in front of me at Mass with the most sparkly, glittery, shining lure-of-a-sequined-cardigan I've EVER seen. Thankfully, I maintained focus, but I did try to stop her after Mass to tell her how cute it was. She totally did that grumple-faced "who are you and why are you looking at me thing" before I could talk to her, though. Way to end my year, lady :-P

    I love your colors tonite! Very fun!

    1. Thanks! There was this woman across the aisle from us that was dressed so gorgeous! She was clearly going out after Mass and had this adorable silver sequin dress and knee-high boots and fur shrug. So looked amazing. She caught me looking at her and I'm sure she thought I was giving her a disapproving look, but I totally wasn't. It was dressy but totally church appropriate (I bet the old folks weren't pleased though). Anyway, I wanted to stop her and tell her how nice she looked, but we never get anywhere fast with Lucia and she was gone by the time we had the chance.


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