Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (82)

--- 1 ---

Yesterday might have been the best stay-at-home mom day I've ever had.  I don't really know how to explain it.  I got more done around the house than I usually do, got more play time in than usual, painted my nails, sneaked in a family walk after David got off work, wrote a few guest posts, and ended the day feeling refreshed, accomplished and invigorated.  In reality, none of it was that big, but overall, it was just an awesome day.

I love this picture I took of my two loves on our walk this afternoon!

--- 2 ---

I have a four day weekend, so hopefully I'll be having another one of those days today!  School is in session today, but because of field trips and other special activities, I would have only had to teach one half hour class today, so I just rescheduled it to Wednesday this week.  I love only working Monday, Wednesday, Friday because that means when I get a day off, I have a long, long break.  Next week is a full week and then the following week, Spring Break!  (And the week after that we have a few days off during Holy Week and Easter Monday.)  I love all the extra time with Lulu this month!

--- 3 ---

Yesterday was my little brother's 21st birthday!  He's my only sibling and we're very close.  I've sometimes known people for months or even years and never known that they had a sibling.  I do not get that at all.  I talk about my brother all the time.  He's a typical younger brother and gets on my nerves sometimes but I really love that kid and am proud of the man he's becoming!

--- 4 ---

Next Saturday is my birthday and I've decided to write a "30 before 30" list.  I've been having so much fun planning goals for the next four years and thinking about where we might be while I'm working on the list.  It's been really enlightening to spend time contemplating how I want to look back on my twenties.  I still need to add a few more goals, so if you have some ideas (or have written/come across similar posts), I'd love to hear them.
--- 5 ---

I'm getting my hair cut this afternoon.  It's been almost a year since my last haircut!  I'm not going to do anything drastic, I've been growing my hair out for almost 4 years, so there is no way I'm cutting it yet, but I may get bangs.  You can see what I end up with in my What I Wore Sunday post this week.
--- 6 ---

Why are so many shoes made with light-colored insides?  I means seriously, they don't stay clean for very long and they instantly make the shoes dingy (and embarrassing to take off in public) once they get dirty.  I get shoes that should always be worn with socks (like tennis shoes) but flats? Heels? Flip flops?  Really?  I have the hardest time finding a pair of flip flops that I like.  Requirements: standard colors (usually black or brown), no fancy jewel or huge flower embellishments, dark-colored insides, and less than $30/$40.  I wear my sandals until they fall apart because I can never find decent new ones, and unfortunately, mine did fall apart.  If you can send me an idea of where to find a pair that fits those requirements, I'll be forever grateful!

--- 7 ---
How is your Lent going?  Mine has been...almost nonexistent.  I don't know what it is, but this year, I'm just not feeling spiritually challenged.  More like spiritually lazy.  And just tired.  Very tired. 

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  1. I get my sandals either from Bass Outlet (great for long lasting leather sandals and flip flops), or DSW. I also can't stand sandals with jewels and other "decorations" on the straps. The Bass ones may be over $30, but the outlet by me is always buy one get one free, so you end up with 2 pair for around $45, which is more affordable. For the classic rubber/foam flip flop I rely on Old Navy. They sell them for 2/$5.

  2. Thanks! I think there may actually be a Bass Outlet around here. And no, no, no to the foam ones! They creep me out for some reason.

  3. I made a "30 before 30" list for my birthday last October! Not sure if I'll get to everything in a year and a half, but it's always fun to dream and plan anyway! :)

  4. I love days like that when you feel so accomplished!! I'm also turning 30 soon and have some goals--looking forward to reading your list!

  5. So glad you had a good day yesterday; that photo is adorable! Do you always dress Lucia so darn fashionably for walks?!

    They're around $50, not $40, but I've had my Rainbow flip flops since high school and haven't had to replace them for 8 years! They come in plain black and brown leather, with varying strap widths, and have the BEST cushioning and support. They mold completely to your feet, to the point that mine feel as good as slippers now! I definitely think that paying a little more for shoes that'll last is worth it. I feel like I'm trying to sell them to you...

    I'd love to see your 30 before 30 list! I wrote about making a bucket list, and included a few things from mine, here:

  6. Okabashi made in Usa not foam very comfortable less than 20. Cbs and walgreens carry them but you can order them online too

  7. I decided to do a 30 before 30 list as well! Well, I started it a little while ago, but never finalized it. It started as a "5 year plan" when I turned 25. I'll have to resurrect it now that I'm almost 27... whoops!

  8. Thanks, Laura, it will go up on my birthday (the 16th)!

  9. I'm glad I'm giving myself 4 years!

  10. I dressed Lucia pretty cute yesterday (trying to get some wear out of her cutest clothes before she outgrows them) and she just happened to already have them on for her walk. I'd never plan that for a walk!

    Those flip flops sound great (you're a good saleswoman), I'll have to check them out. Thanks for the link to your list! I added one to mine based off your list (you'll have to see if you recognize it - it's a little different).

  11. First and foremost - I LOVE the name of your blog. I think there are a good number of us who could use such a description as well. :) And, trust me, I only work three days out of the home, and I never seem to get anything done around the house. 2 littles 2 and under keep me busy, but I feel like that's a bad excuse. It just piles up and is hard to catch up on. I think we all get it...

    I love the 30 before 30 idea - I'm a touch beyond the 30 mark, so I've been contemplating a 40 before 40 list. A friend from grad school did it and I loved reading her journey!

  12. Thanks, Rakhi! I feel like it sums me up pretty well. At this point I can't imagine working at all when we have another child, but I think it just takes some getting used to a practice, right? If you make a list, you'll have to come back here and let me know!

  13. For whatever reason, I've posted this before but I don't see it now...

    Okabashi. They are made in the USA. No foam. Can be recycled. Two year warranty. Under 20 dollars. You can find them at CVS and Walgreens or order them online. Awesome shoes.

  14. I like how you made that last QT all small font. :) If it's any consolation, Lent has felt relatively nonexistent for me as well. Although I think I have to blame that on ear infections and sick children and snow days. Those are their own penance, so perhaps this is just another case of "what I envision to be my Lent is not God's vision of my Lent." :/
    As for the mom days--I think lots of little things make you feel better than one major thing. Just like lots of little difficult things (like, say, ear infections and snow days) are harder than one really big thing.

  15. btw...your baby and mine are virtually the same age. :) I really like your little road map graphic on your "about" page...

  16. Love the 30 before 30 idea! I may have to start that after my 25th. :)

    Oh and the show bit! Exactly! My shoes always look disgusting after like 3 wears. Black insides only please people!

    #7: Me too, girl, me too. Lazy is the perfect word for my Lent.

    Enjoy your 4 day weekend!


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