Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday: Fancy & Casual

shirt: Old Navy | cardi: Target | skirt: gift
sweatpants: Old Navy | shoes: Genuine Kids
Lulu is such a girl.  Her new "thing" is opening her hat drawer and trying on her hats.  She also loves to brush her hair.  And she's been obsessed with clothes since she was tiny.  When opening her Christmas presents, she was so absorbed in the clothes she got that we had a hard time getting her to open her toys.  Crazy, huh?  And they say that the difference in boys and girls is how we raise them.  Nope, she's been all girl since the day she was born.

This is one of my favorite "fancy: outfits on Lucia!  I couldn't find any black leggings, so I cheated with some black sweatpants and you couldn't really tell.  She wore this maybe three days last week because I'm trying to get all the wear we can out of her darling clothes before she outgrows it. 

Most of the time, our "at home" outfits looks more like this:

shirt: Kohl's | leggings: Target 

Ah, that's where her black leggings were!

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  1. So cute! I love that you have a dress up & everyday outfit!!

  2. She is so cute! Our little one is super girly too, and I love it. That plaid skirt is adorable.

  3. Thanks, Kelly! Isn't it so funny that their girlishness comes out so early?


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