Thursday, March 14, 2013

So long, farewell!

Google just announced that Google Reader and Google Friend Connect will be discontinued.  I know many of you use these as your feed readers, as do I.  It's an inconvenience for sure, especially if you have years of posts from you favorite bloggers saved, all your blogs categorized, etc.  But I, for one, am happy that it's going away.  I've had nothing but problems with it for months and this is finally the kick in the pants I needed to find a better reader.
I moved all my favorite blogs to bloglovin' yesterday and I'm so, so happy with it already!  So much easier to organize, more aesthetically pleasing, and uncluttered!  If you switch to bloglovin' too or already use it, I'd love if you would follow me there.  Here's the direct link to my blog on bloglovin' (or click on the button below).

I used this as an opportunity to cull my blog list a bit and manually added all my favorite blogs, but if you would like to import your entire Google Reader list, Becky has a great tutorial here.  
Now that my blog list is much shorter, I'm looking forward to finding new blogs to build it up again.  I feel like finding new blogs is much like finding new friends!  Won't you leave a few of your recent favorites below?  Here are a few of mine: Camp Patton, My Faere Lady, and My Polished Side.

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