Monday, March 11, 2013

Let's Talk Fashion: Wellies

When I was younger, I always wanted a cute pair of rain boots.  I never got one.  I never even got a pair of cute snow boots.  (I had snow boots alright, but never anything less than U.G.L.Y.)  
I always thought they were kind of sweet and cutesy (and super utilitarian), but now they're fashionable too?  I'm serious.  Grace was wearing wellies yesterday.  And then there is this...
Yep, Kate Middleton wears wellies too.  I've never really been into royalty and in general don't care about what they're up to, but I do think the Duchess of Cambridge has really great, modest style.  
Don't wellies look so darling on little kids?  I secretly want to get semi-matchy wellies for David, Lucia, and me (and any of our future progeny).  It's really one of the only clothing items that everyone in the family can wear and not look end up looking like a family that belongs on Awkward Family Photos.
Since spring is coming, I keep getting sidetracked looking at all the cute wellies out there:
 Love these classic wellies, they'd go with everything!

Or maybe something more girlie!  These polka dot wellies are darling!

 What about these nautical wellies?

 I kind of love the idea of getting these little girl's polka dotted wellies to semi-match with the women's polka dotted ones above.

 My dad's been reading Lucia a ladybug book since we moved here and that's now their thing.  He calls her his ladybug and is always buying her ladybug toys and stickers (first thing she does when she sees Papa is look in his "pock" to see if he has something for her).  I know he would just melt to see her in these ladybug rain boots.
All these wellies are available from Brantano (along with just about every other kind of gorgeous shoe out there, like these black and nude heels!)
What spring fashion is on your mind?  I'd also like to get a springy maxi dress (maybe a pastel one as part of my Easter outfit?), but since I'm so short, I'm not sure what petite options are out there.


  1. I love the lady bug ones! My daughter would go nuts over them, but she just got a new pair for her birthday...of course I suppose a girl can never have too many shoes right? I definitely have to check out the ones with the ribbon for myself. I have been needing a pair!

  2. Cute! Nothing makes a rainy day less dreary than fun boots. I love all the Wellies styles. The polka dots are my favorite!

  3. I just left you a comment about investment shoes a few days ago, and here I go doing it again! I saved up for a pair of navy blue Hunter wellies four years ago and they're still like new! I love that they're a little taller than other boots, and I wear them with everything all winter and spring, even dresses. I'd had a few other pairs of rain boots prior, but the linings would start to fray and separate from the outer shell, they didn't have any arch support and I'd get tired of walking pretty quickly, and they weren't very breathable. None of those issues with my Hunters, though! They're pretty pricey, although I know I'll have them forever, but I think L.L. Bean has some good ones too for about half the cost!

  4. I love them! I hope they stay fashionable for a long time. I'm with you on not having less than ugly boots when I was younger, now I want some of those cute ones too!

  5. Ah, I love wellies! I have a pair of hot pink ones that I wear quite often in the Spring. I really want a more neutral color though that would go with everything like the ones Kate is wearing. If you get a pair be sure to post pics :o)

    ~Kelly Jo (

  6. These are cute! I would love to get a pair for my daughter

  7. These are so cute I have been wanting to get my daughter a pair but with her school uniforms she cant wear them and she would always want to wear these

  8. These r so cute! A coworker of mine were wearing some other day it caught me by surprise and made me smile.

  9. Thanks for the tip, Stephanie! Do you have any posts of you wearing them?

  10. Thanks, Kelly! I will! Probably won't get them this year, but maybe next year.


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