Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guest Post at It's Just Called Spicy: St. Helena

Jenna, who blogs as It's Just Called Spicy, is hosting an incredible "40 Days of Saints" series.  I contributed today's piece on Saint Helena.  If you are interested in learning more about the Saints, I encourage you to head over there and take a look at not only my posts, but all the posts so far in the series.  I've been following along and have encountered a few Saints that I'd never even heard of before.  If you have a Saint you particularly are called to, I'm sure Jenna would love to have you guest post as well!  Here's a peek at my post:
In the lobby of our church, there are several framed pictures of gorgeous stained glass seemingly from the same cathedral. I have gotten to know these pictures quite well, having spent my share of time in the lobby with a loud, grumpy, or otherwise naughty little toddler. I’ll often walk back and forth in front of these pictures, pointing them out to Lucia and telling her a little bit about the Saints they portray. Most of the Saints are instantly identifiable: The Blessed Mother holding Baby Jesus, St. Anne instructing the young Mary, St. Joseph holding his carpenter’s tools, St. Patrick decked out in green bishop’s garb, St. John the Baptist wearing animal skins. And then there is a lovely, regal woman, wearing a crown upon her head...continue reading at It's Just Called Spicy

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